Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Super Saturday December 19, 2015

December 19, 2015
Super Saturday has come and gone at Bath and Body Works and I guess I kind of expected more of something, I am not sure what... than what I saw. 

I did see candle tables emptying quickly as the staff tried to fill them up once more, but with the hoards of shoppers grabbing for that one last thing on their list it seemed that they could never catch up.  With a buy one get one free candle sale...and a 40% off coupon, how could you resist? 
The purchase with purchase for the day, A Thousand Wishes Pail, was also available but with my not being madly in love with the scent and already owning more than enough, I did pass.  Even when I was prompted a dozen times in store to get it. It was a great value, don't get me wrong, and a perfect gift just not for me. 

I think, and this is just my opinion....I think had they offered the Santa inspired label of Red Velvet Cheer in either the Black Friday tote or this Super Saturday pail, it would have been a sure sell out.  The store I visited still had totes from Black Friday laying on the floor under the A frame ladder. So not presentable as they were...(surely they could have been hung on a blue shopping bag hook at eye level for the customers to see).

My purchase was the last few Red Velvet Cheer candles, another The Original candle, and a Joy Peppermint Marshmallow....and only the Joy because my sister was buzzing in my ear as I shopped and I forgot what was actually on my list.

I grabbed the last heart shape scentportable that I plan on keeping for Valentines Day in a few months when, most likely I won't be able to find a heart to purchase.

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