Monday, December 7, 2015

Bath & Body Works | December 7, 2015 | Destination Collection release

December 7, 2015

I stopped at the mall for a quick peek at whatever may have come out new today before heading to my eye doctor visit.  I am glad that I went there first since it is after 9pm and I am still dilated since 1pm, and icing a black and blue still sore eye from getting an injection into my eye.  Tomorrow I will enjoy my purchases better when I can see them.

I didn't get very much, but a few of the new destination candles. That was the only new at the store I visited; Destination candles, hand soaps and hand sanitizers.  The Tahiti and Amsterdam candles were not available in store and could either be a WB exclusive or they didn't make it past testing.

No ribbed glass candles to be found and no Red Velvet Cheer either.

I did share last night that the Signature Fragrance next to come out, Red Velvet Cheer, would not be in stores today.  It is scheduled for Friday this week....which should also be the day of the  $4.00 Body Creams...and Saturday should be $2.50 hand soaps.

When the Red Velvet Cheer scent showed up online last week I did make an order hoping to finally smell this fragrance since the stores refuse to even put a bottle out to smell.  It should arrive in a day or so.

Next Saturday, December 19th, is Super Saturday at the B and we should be seeing the A Thousand Wishes bucket then and maybe a few more surprises.

Then the stores will start to prep for SAS that begins of course December 26th.

Be sure to get the new bounce back coupon currently in the store that will offer $10 off of a $30 purchase or $20 off of a $50 it will be good until December 27th {plus 3 days}. #HelloSAS

I did need to ask for them in this store, and I was told the only coupon being offered was the snowman coupon...but since these started today....I thought they should have been passed out weeks ago.  Personally I think they were held some stores....because of $8.50 candle day. The manager went back and got the box and started handing them out...which helped me save on my candles today.

I will share more photos tomorrow...I really need to rest my eyes now. 

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