Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bath & Body Works | My Recent Store Buys | January 25, 2016

January 26, 2016

While out and about yesterday, post Winter Storm Jonas that left us with 15" - 18" of snow cleanup, I wanted to make sure I added in a visit to Bath and Body Works to see if there was anything other than $3.50 Wallflowers on sale.

There were a few new things, shared on a previous post, but my attention was more focused on the 50% off table.  These few home things just will NOT drop lower. :)   I grabbed the two Aromatherapy Pillow Mists that were left and I see that the new pricing I was told would happen did happen and they were now at $12.50.  Every purchase of these previous was at the $10 pricing and usually on sale but since these were the last two and I wanted to have some back ups, I added them to my little blue mesh bag. (They did end up ringing $5.00/ half off of the old $10.00 pricing regardless of the new label)

Not wanting to use only a 20% off coupon I checked the other tables of clearance items and found the 75% off unit with a few holiday and summer scents on one side, and scentportables and true blue spa on the other.  The stores manager had asked me if I tried the super rich body cream that it is one of her favorites and they usually only ever stock it now on SAS.  She put a small dab on my hand and immediately my dry hands felt great and not greasy... so that, too, went into the bag. 

I grabbed the Merry Berry Christmas Body Cream for a gift and remembered to get another Limoncello and Cinnamon Wallflower bulb while they were on sale trying to get to my $30 goal.

As I walked back to the counter to pay I saw on the 50% off table a Vanilla Bean Noel three wick was just added from a return and it too went into the bag.  Surprised that it still was ringing 50% only I was glad to have another to also gift. 

After using my survey coupon my items priced out at:
VBN candle- $8.06
AT pillow Mists- $3.58 each
True Blue Cream - $2.69
Merry Berry Christmas -$2.33
Wallflowers- $2.50/2.51

After our current trip to Mexico, I am looking forward to seeing the next stop on our destinations journey...Italy and all that it has to offer. Scheduled to begin February 16th and lasting until March 13th, with so many new things shown that we should expect to find, I know that I will be getting many new scents to add to my collection.

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