Monday, January 25, 2016

Department: Beauty | Garnier New- Micellar Cleansing Water

January 25, 2016

I saw a commercial for a New cleansing product from Garnier called Micellar Cleansing Water and it was touted as being gentle yet very effective at removing not only eye makeup but makeup on your face and lips as well.  More often that not the remover I am using to take off mascara tends to leave my eyes with an oily feeling afterwards...and sometimes it doesn't get it all so then it's back to a washcloth. So when there is something new to try...I am there.
While shopping in CVS today I saw the display for many New Garnier products and there was only one bottle of the Micellar Cleansing Water left in the top section for it so I grabbed it to check if it was on sale.  This week, CVS is offering many brands buy one, get one 50% off and Garnier was included.
Being this 13.5oz bottle was priced at $9.29 I was hoping to find another but they were pretty much sold out so I also grabbed a package of 25 Garnier Skin Active NEW Clean+ Purifying Oil Free Cleansing Towelettes priced at $6.79 to try.  I will try those tomorrow. 
The directions for use were simple.  Saturate a cotton pad and if it was to remove eye makeup, you are to hold it on a closed eye for a few seconds and then gently wipe.
So I tried it while hubby watched and it was awesome.  I looked in the mirror and my mascara, eyeliner, base and eye shadow were gone. Completely. 
I grabbed another cotton ball and repeated the same procedure for my face and using both sides with out the need for a soaking cotton ball it was clean down to my pores.
My  husband remarked at how easy it was and he was a bit skeptical at first when he saw me walking around with a ten dollar bottle of water.  I was skeptical too thinking I would need to get the Clarisonic out to clear my pores but I didn't, they were clean.  And I didn't need to follow up with clear water to rinse.
I keep touching my face trying to see if there is any kind of residue left but there is none and my face feels really clean.
The technology behind the product is interesting and when I held the bottle up to the light I could see these little micro bubbles that work to clean your face without oils, alcohol, or fragrance.  Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested. - Won't clog pores.
I haven't seen it offered elsewhere yet so I am not sure about the pricing, but if it continues to perform as well as it did I hope to find it a little less expensive to get another bottle.

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