Monday, January 25, 2016

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January 25, 2016
In case you missed my addition of these pictures yesterday to the scrolling February blog post above, here are more photos of the signatures coming soon for the Ciao, Italy Collection.  I really like the warm weather feel of the marketing on these, especially the Mediterranean blue waters.
Signature Fragrances: 
Mediterranean Blue Waters - sparkling passionfruit, Mediterranean fig, coconut water, drenched woods, ocean musk

Seaside Pink Jasmine - jasmine blossom, fresh pomelo, ocean honeysuckle, pink juniper, seaside moss

Endless Weekend - summer mandarin, sun-kissed magnolia, raspberry lychee, blue coconut water, vanilla sandalwood

Italian Citrus Sun - capri apricot, sunswept mandarin, Italian neroli, island lilies, golden cypress.
Hand Creams:
Endless Weekend
Turquoise Waters
Here are a few new room sprays out:
Coconut Leaves and Honolulu Sun
Gem Fishes
Lime Slice Drink
This luminary is big and a bit weighty and when I felt the surface of it, it is rough if it's sand textured.  I would worry that it would be hard to keep clean...but I would imagine it looks great illuminated.  Priced at $54.50.
 As you have seen on my previous posting there is a hearts and flowers Valentine inspired addition to that sweet treat line of candles called LOVE and all stores should be putting these out soon, if they are not currently available.
There is also a new Easter Bunny sleeve for the three wicks, very spring like and cute.  Priced at $8.50
And the Italian Collection of candles that you have seen previously when they tested, I wanted to get my own photos to archive..... they will be coming in the next few weeks to all stores.  Should any become W/B exclusives I will be sure to make note.
As I get more photos uploaded I will add them!

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