Monday, January 18, 2016

Bath & Body Works | New Signature Packaging | Japanese Cherry Blossom - Moonlight Path - Beautiful Day

January 18, 2015

A friend mentioned to me last night that there were new test candles on Instagram and wondered if I had seen them yet.  It was nearly 2 am and I was exhausted but I did go to the page and found not only the new test candles but photos of the new Signature Labels for Moonlight Path, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Beautiful Day and I wanted to share this sneak peek here as well.  My thanks to @bathandbodylurve for allowing me to share their photos.  Rather than sharing almost thirty photos here, I made them into three watermarked collages for quick viewing. 

While talking over this change in store with the manager, she reminded me that there are numerous copycats of B&BW fragrances out in the market so they felt they needed to do something. And having seen them myself, I understood the want for change. Plus, it helps archive how old something is while freshening up the look of the walls.

Seeing these photos, before I will see them in store tomorrow after the set....I think they are rather pretty.  What do you think?  Does the packaging impact your purchase on your favorite scents?  Let's continue the discussion on my facebook page.  I have always said I am a sucker for a cute label. I will let you know my opinion tomorrow....

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