Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Bright Leaves and Blue Skies - Cider and Vine | Fall Hand Soap Collections

August 7, 2016
Here are the new Fall Hand Soap Collections, just released July 25th and July 29th for the early Fall sneak peek at Bath and Body Works.
I grabbed 31 bottles of hand soaps when they went on sale and I wanted to make sure I shared a few thoughts on them because they are worth buying. They are available in both Gentle Foaming and Deep Cleansing Formulas.
Cider and Vine Hand Soap Collection
Sparkling Pear Riesling - A brilliant blend of Anjou pear, sparkling apricot & champagne essence
Black Cherry Merlot - Cheers to dark cherry, black raspberry & sumptuous merlot
Autumn Vines - A beautiful blend of autumn strawberries, fresh sage & spiced woods
Honey Crisp Apple - A crisp fall blend of juicy apple, fresh sage & mulled spice
California Citrus Sunshine - Feel fresh & clean with Meyer lemon, sparkling grapefruit & blonde woods

Bright Leaves and Blue Skies Hand Soap Collection
Autumn Spiced Strawberry - A beautiful blend of autumn strawberries, fresh sage & spiced woods
Crisp Morning Air - Wake up your senses with soft pine, fresh juniper & juicy pear
Fall Lakeside Breeze - A breezy blend of blue sage, sweet basil & sandalwood
Golden Autumn Day -A sun-soaked blend of sunny mandarin, autumn leaves & blonde woods
Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte - indulge in creamy pumpkin, toasted marshmallow & warm praline
Sunlight and Apple Trees - Breathe in crisp apples, autumn quince & white birch wood
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin -It's sugar & spice with warm pumpkin, fresh cinnamon sticks & sweet sugarcane
Random Addition to the Core Signature Hand Soap Wall in stores and online
Cozy Vanilla Cream - A cozy blend of whipped frosting, sweet cream & vanilla bean
My thoughts:
The Bright Leaves and Blue Skies collection - This collection has colored bottles with white pumps.  As a personal note, I love colored bottles with matching colored pumps better. I prefer the hand soap clear. The labels on the front of the bottles are bright, with colorful photos depicting what each scent is with raised lettering and a metallic colored leaf accent branding the collection.
Having purchased all of the scents, there isn't one I wouldn't purchase again and I will be ordering more of the Autumn Spiced Strawberry online because that was the only scent I haven't found in stores.
The Cider and Vine Collection - This collection is done in clear bottles with colored hand soap and colored pumps. Bright and Colorful yet more of a photograph/graphic designed label, the raised lettering and side label seal add to the charm of this collection.  At first glance I thought it was going to be another Wine Country Collection. The scents are no surprises and there are no dislikes but I am happy with one of each formula for now.

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