Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Leaves Label Candles & Leaves Hand Soaps | Masterpiece Marble Jar Candles

August 24, 2016
While we wait to see what new "holiday" fragrances will be arriving in Test Candles in the next few weeks, we are slowly finding out about another collection of three wick candles that didn't seem to test anywhere. Leaf Labeled Jars.
I wanted to make a post of these candles and what looks like the matching Hand Soaps to keep as a reference when the collection finally does arrive in all stores. 
One other note before I forget - I was told those "marble-like" candles are in the stores back rooms now and are priced $29.50. 
Leaves Label Candle Collection:
Autumn Sky

Heirloom Apple

photo credit @candlelover81
photo credit @candleaddictionnn_
Masterpiece Marble Jar Candle Collection:
Bergamot Waters
Black Pepper and Bergamot
Harvest Gathering
Mahogany Teakwood

Spiced Vanilla Marshmallow
Woodland Forest

photo credit to @candleaddictionnn_

photo credit @Dylan _ N _ Logansmom
photo credit @cmadbbw
Leaves Label Hand Soap Collection:
Cedar and Sage
Cherry Woods
White Birch and Vanilla
photo credit @b.a.b.w.

Leaves Label Room Spray:
Marshmallow Fireside
Sweater Weather


As I find out more information on these items, I will update this post.

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