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Bath & Body Works | Halloween Finds | August 26, 2016

Bath and Body Works stores released their Halloween 2016 collection yesterday, Friday, and I was there at opening to see what was Spook-tacular-ly necessary to decorate my home...and me this Halloween season.
I will say the one thing missing from this table was the Body Care products. 
Purr-fect Pumpkin products were no where to be seen, nor smelled....and it was a bit disappointing. Either the store didn't receive them, or they weren't sure where to place them until this coming week  when the Pumpkin Festival floor set and table moves happen.
On a personal note...I was thrilled to see so much effort finally put into a holiday people look forward to celebrating, I only wish they would have gone that little bit extra and brought back a few more favored body care scents as a Haunted Signature Line. There were a few other Pumpkin scents people would have loved other than a repeat of sweet cinnamon pumpkin.
The table for this mini  set was small and I expected the ceramic Haunted House to be the focal point of the table, since I was told I couldn't purchase it on Tuesday when it was shown to me.  I was told it would break up the continuity of the I have to wait until Friday morning---  A remark that saved me $80+ dollars.
I did come to find mister Vampire's house was set on the side of the table and went completely unnoticed by me until I walked around it and noticed its position. 
I, would have had it placed front and center like last years metal house was...and years prior ceramic houses. This item is priced at $79.50 and not everyone will want to put that out. Yes collectors will, and I don't suppose there will be any houses left for long with the stores receiving only one.
Instead the Mini Candle Holders held that spot.  Beautiful yes, your eyes were drawn to the red glitter on the vampires collar and the orange glitter on the mini candle pumpkin...also passed on by me.
I did order my Metal Haunted House on Tuesday of this week when some of the Halloween hit online.  I had a feeling that the stores would not be getting the metal version and while $59.50 is nothing to sneeze at price wise, it was the more affordable...and nicer choice for me.
Seeing it in person I am so glad that I purchased it.  And having last years version makes them a perfect decorating duo.
I did find this cute Febreeze light/scent product in a Big Lots store some time ago and I came across it in my closet yesterday. It is a scented paper square that you place onto the base and it has a flickering light that warms the paper slightly to release the fragrance. Lift up the paper and it shuts off.
Placed inside this haunted house...the orange of the pumpkin print paper,  illuminated just enough by the battery charged lights gives off the perfect amount of  ambience to use it rather than a three wick candle with a flame.
Along with the haunted house, my online purchase included nine bottles of the Halloween themed hand soaps and five hand sanitizers.  I do need to get the two other scents of hand soaps that were not available online...berried alive and web of lies.
In store, I grabbed three haunted house wallflowers, two wallflower ghosts, four Halloween candles (my store only had six to offer) the ceramic black cat mini candle luminary, two scentportables, ten more Halloween pocketbacs, and all of the new pocketbac holders.
I know that these special seasonal items sell out FAST and come October I can't expect to find anything Halloween related to be available. I am not sure if there will be anything more than the body care being added to this display but I will keep checking on it as I visit the store.
There were a few other things being unpacked as I scoured the store looking for more.  I saw and snapped a nice blurry photo of the packaged up set of 15 pocketbacs in the Halloween theme.  Great
as a gift, for only an additional $1.50 cost over buying them loose.
A few new wallflowers were also being added to the wall; fall themed owl, leaves and a autumn tree.  I plan on waiting to see what the Pumpkin Festival has to offer before grabbing anything else.
Here is a closer look at my purchases: 

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