Saturday, August 27, 2016

If you avoid the conflict.....

"From day one of my sharing publically in a community that loves these products....I was met with nonsense.
Day One.
I don't know if I will ever understand what makes some people tick."
I am to the point of no longer caring.
How much hate can there be for one person? How can sharing photos and words of joy for a bath product cause so much anger that people think it is okay to do what they do?
And if I open my freaking mouth after being bombarded with it both publically and privately I am met with more. 
More NAME CALLING...more nasty comments to me and about me in private groups {which are never private...those laughing with you when you call me "tess the mess", and other things,  are sharing it with me---not that I applaud them, I wouldn't be in a group that has that mentality myself but I get pack mentality and the need to belong to something, even if its hateful}...
More calls to my home. PHONE CALLS to my home. 
And videos made about me.
This writing  isn't me seeking pity and feeling sorry for myself. This is the preamble for more changes coming.
Some of these same people who call me a bully.  Ha.  Bully.  What a joke.  You haven't seen bully.
From day one I did the work and shared it. It benefited us all.  We knew names of products that were coming, and sales shared for those who no longer received emails to know themselves.   I was met with such opposition from another blogger it was ridiculous.
But because I voice my opinion because I believe something is wrong then I become an easy I am told.
I am human.  I have feelings and I also have the right to share them when I am disgusted about something. Like everyone else does.  And I may not always be right....and will admit it when I am not.
If you want to be an echo....feel free.  But don't try to play innocent like you did nothing wrong to gain support.  Your supporters see or will see where your info was coming from...and not your doing the work all of the time.
I know...who cares....
Remember when you were in school...grade school...kiddie crap...and the one kid wanted to always copy from you...(because even then you had the answers)....
This isn't that anymore. 
If I post what I find on IG...and three minutes later you post it...we aren't that dumb....when pages mirror each other.
And YES>>>> I know... its public information and who really gives a good crap who got it first and who did what....
That's not what I am saying...
Just give you the information.....I know, I know. That's what you're here for you don't care about the nonsense.
You all don't see the back story.
The years of public defamatory name calling....even again a few weeks ago.
What's with that?  You can't come up with a reasonable defense to your underhanded behavior other than calling me a bully and numerous awful names?
Who cares if it was watermarked....other peoples photos used that were watermarked were given a respectful credit....
As I tried to's because it was about me.  And our past differences. 
So why use my work? 
Don't give me your an informational page and its public.... Please....I have been here...doing the work for years.... not here and there popping up when I had time and then showing up like I am back to serve you, my fans.
You have so much dislike for me to say such terrible things...for years, PUBLICALLY... stay away from me...and my shares.
But you don't... because my information is NEW and unseen anywhere. 
Again, I know its all public....out for anyone to share and do as they please with it...and do. I'm not oblivious to that....
But this months nonsense was a culmination of weeks of  taking my work without what I felt was a proper link to where it was found..... 
God Forbid you say my blog post which was my watermark and where you found the info--   when you gave others their do to their social sites.....
and then my house flooded.
Which was the final tipping point for me that day....hating to have to watermark great pics....oh yes by the way...MY PICS....for those who want to argue that fact....since you don't know how I got them....or who actually took the picture....
And that day the half ass initials for credit.
I was having a bad day....really bad...and I had it with the crap I was seeing from someone who hates me.
Again...Human...with the right to share my thoughts.
And it was nice, that comment I made on my page...
I simply stated I would appreciate the same respect for credit of my photo that was given others as I have been doing this for sometime.
Everyone commenting on it made it worse.  Even after I asked people to stay out of it.  I tagged him because I couldn't send it to him personally....
and it was done.  Please give me the same respectful credit as you do others.
What was the problem?
A week later when things died down, someone else decided to try and raise their ratings by doing a video on it ---and again calling me names....
How silly it all is.
And when my husband saw all of the hate, profanity...vulgar photo posted to my Face Book page he was done supporting this.

Wanted it all closed down. And wants all of the products out of the house.
But I kept the blog...of course...because the fact that I share the B&BW stuff here is nothing....I can shut that part down from being public if I had I did my Life Inside the Page Face Book Page.  It's not deleted, the Life inside the page FB...still there... Every word.  For those who said I deleted their comments that day...they weren't.  Every nasty thing said...
And it can be made public at any time...all of the information is current.
But do I want to keep subjecting myself personally to the hate?  I can post my information here...without any interaction.
I just keep that as my own personal archive place to keep track of everything....I have five + years of photos stored there so it went back for only me to use.
I kept a face book page open that is a link to this blog...called Bath and Body Works Daily Finds...where I thought I could share my information without nonsense....and a matching Instagram named page.
But yet gets to see the ever growing nonsense on that Instagram Page....with viewers threatening me for what I share that they are going to report me to get me shut down.
People (most likely workers of the company) asking me where do I get this great info, they want to read it too.
Really...?  You just read it sista....who cares where I get my info....share in the joy!
It's not like the company doesn't know who I am. 
Angry at what he read this morning, he asked me again...."why do you put yourself through all of this BULLSHIT?" 
And today...I don't have an answer for him.

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