Monday, August 15, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Sweet Cranberry Rose Signature Fragrance

August 15, 2016
Earlier this year when I found the Sweet Cranberry Rose scent name on the trademark page I wondered where it would end up coming out in the scheme of monthly releases.  Hearing the name conjures spring-time thoughts yet here we are a hair away from fall and it is beginning to show up in Bath and Body Works back rooms.
Last week friend to the page Mariah Harr Miller shared her find of a travel sized fragrance mist which made my assumptions that the trademark name found Would be a fragrance release correct. 
And today a friend Lana Curiel shared a photo of the Sweet Cranberry Rose Body Lotion.
When, exactly we will see this fragrance?  Unknown as of right now. 
With the release of the three new Pumpkin Signatures coming at the beginning of September, along with a few, perhaps, Halloween Themed Signature add could be an October fragrance or a mid- September release.
When I get the scent notes and a release date I will update this post. Stay tuned!

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