Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Floor-set May 15, 2017 | Theme: Did You Know?

Tonight, Bath and Body Works will be adding a few new things to the floor ready for us tomorrow and it will be interesting to see what will be the must buys. White Barn Stores will set their new Monday evening for release Tuesday.

Many of the new things considered for this set will be those things already placed out here and there this past week that we have seen and some things we haven't .

Speaking of sets, if you like to know what they call each floor-set like I do, this May 15th release is called: Did You Know?  
They internally consider this set part of their Summer1.

The next Floor-set is on June 4th and is called The Semi Annual Sale, and it is internally considered their SAS.

Then the next Floor-set will happen sometime in July (name unknown) and it is internally considered their Summer 2.

I suppose we will see peeks of summertime things over these next few months.  I am looking forward to seeing and smelling the new Summer themed body care in the names I found trademarked.

Here is what I know of as part of this set:

We will be seeing the relaunch of the Men's Collection with the redo of two of the fragrances and addition of three new scents.

Men's Signature Fragrance Collection

Forms Available:
Ultra Shea Body Cream
2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash
Deodorizing Body Spray
Hand Sanitizer Pocketbac 

Scent Notes: 
💈Suede-smooth suede, warm cedar-oak moss 

💈Teakwood-mahogany, black teakwood and lavender.

💈Bourbon-white pepper, dark Amber and Kentucky oak

💈Noir-black cardamom, smoky vanilla and musk

💈Ocean-blue cypress, vétiver and coastal air





Hand Sanitizer Pocketbacs:

New Candle Collections Coming Out:

Mixed Materials:
Mahogany Teakwood - rich mahogany, black teakwood, dark oak, frosted lavender
Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel - barrel aged bourbon,  soft caramel, coarse sea salt
Tea and Lemon - english tea leaves, bright lemon, white cane sugar
Bergamot Waters -
Rose Water and Ivy - soft rose petals, rain kissed ivy, spring musk
Vanilla Birch - white birch bark, Madagascar vanilla, warm sandalwood
Sweet Spearmint - garden mint leaves, crystallized sugar, creamy vanilla

House of Blues:
Blue Ocean Waves - Beach Breezes, Citrus Sea Spray, Island Flowers, Sundrenched Wood
Bow Ties and Bourbon - Dark Oak, Bergamot, Hint of Bourbon
Fresh Mint and Coconut - Creamy Coconut, Bright Mint Leaves, Deep Sea Water
Honey Vanilla - rich vanilla, warm tonka, wildflower honey
White Gardenia - Classic White Gardenia, Sweet Apple Water, White Woods

New Summer Hand Soaps: (going into the wall for now)
Gentle Foaming Formula

Every Summer has a Story! Bring yours to life with a fragrance scented with:
Boardwalk - Vanilla Cone - You're the sprinkles on my ice cream. - A sugary-sweet blend of marshmallow fluff, vanilla bean & creamy caramel

Happy Hours - Cool Coconut Colada - Hello Vacation! I've missed seeing you. - creamy coconut, frozen lemon and vanilla.

Frosty Sips - Lime-a-rita - If life gives your Limes, make Lime-a-Ritas! - fresh limes, citron and sugared lemons.

Catch A Wave - Perfect Beach Day - Everyone needs a day to stop and smell the seashells. - watery melon, coconut and sparkling bergamot.

Shades of Summer - Summer Suntan - Bask in the sun and let yourself shine. - warm sandalwood, coconut water and sparkling lemon.

Summer Fresh Wallflowers:
Cucumber Melon
Farmstand Apple
Indigo Sky
 Sweet Honey Bee
Toasted Coconut

Wallflower Unit
Silver and White Square
Gold and Bronze Square
Rose Gold Barrel
Striped Light Up Barrel 
Medallion Shield

New Hand Sanitizer Pocketbacs

Thank You- Berry Lemonade
XOXO Vanilla Coconut
More Love, Less Hate -Lemonade
Laughter is the Best Medicine - Spring Day
Call me on my Shell-phone
I Got It From My Mama - Japanese Cherry Blossom
Friyay - Happy Pineapple
Mermazing - Beach Breeze


Hand Sanitizer Pocketbac Holders
Graduation Cap 2017
 Mermaid Tail
Red, White, Blue Stars 
Desk Top Standing Summer Ice
Home Decor Sleeve
Blue Squares
Anchors and Waves
Vine Leaves Pedestal
Champagne Vine Leaves Pedestal
Dark Nickle Vine Leaves Pedestal
Mod Stripes
Square Mod Stripes
Tall Square Cross Hatch
Vine Leaves Hand Soap Sleeves

Candle Holders
Square Lantern Luminary
Silver Lantern Frame Luminary

Gold Star
Silver Sparkle

Cosmetic Bags
Sea You Later
Head in the Clouds
What's the Buzz
 Under the Palm


Wax Melt Warmer Sleeve:
Raised Florals  ($18.50)

Essentials Body Lotions Added:

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