Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Summer Hand Soaps | Boardwalk Cone, Catch a Wave, Shades of Summer, Happy Hours and Frosty Sips

I grabbed the Gentle Foaming formula in these new scents yesterday when they hit the wall as part of the floor set and after seeing the online site ad, I am glad to know they should also be coming out in  my favorite Deep Cleansing formula too!

New Summer Hand Soaps: (going into the wall for now)
Gentle Foaming / Deep Cleansing Formulas

Every Summer has a Story! Bring yours to life with a fragrance scented with:

Boardwalk - Vanilla Cone - You're the sprinkles on my ice cream. - A sugary-sweet blend of marshmallow fluff, vanilla bean & creamy caramel

Happy Hours - Cool Coconut Colada - Hello Vacation! I've missed seeing you. - creamy coconut, frozen lemon and vanilla.

Frosty Sips - Lime-a-rita - If life gives your Limes, make Lime-a-Ritas! - fresh limes, citron and sugared lemons.

Catch A Wave - Perfect Beach Day - Everyone needs a day to stop and smell the seashells. - watery melon, coconut and sparkling bergamot.

Shades of Summer - Summer Suntan - Bask in the sun and let yourself shine. - warm sandalwood, coconut water and sparkling lemon.

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