Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Saturday Surprise | Buy a Tote for $10, Get 40% off {anything that can fit inside of it } Sale

Like you, I too was expecting to see the Bath and Body Works email of sales that I had shared earlier yesterday when I awoke this morning. I found an altogether different offer that made me call my store to see if it was true.  And it was.

The selected stores in both Texas and Pennsylvania were given the opportunity to purchase a Tote Bag with a Palm Tree on it at a cost of $10.00 and with that purchase you are then entitled to grab anything that is in store {at regular prices} that will fit inside of the tote for a 40% off savings.  Pretty great, because even that ugly, I mean Gold Topped Pineapple Luminary will fit in the bag.
And while I sat sipping my morning coffee waiting for the store to open, I thought about just what I would be getting for this sale.  Sadly, they didn't have many of the new things I wanted and over the past few weeks I sort of grabbed up all of the new they did regular pricing of course.
Regular body care pricing with the forty off didn't seem as appealing as the $6.00 price we see on today's sale or the upcoming Semi Annual Sale pricing so I sort of pushed body care to the back of my thoughts.

I wanted those things that rarely have a sale; like aromatherapy, true blue spa (none in my area) scentportables, wallflowers,  pocketbacs, hand creams...that type of product.
Regular pricing on candles didn't lure me knowing they are currently ALL on sale for $12.50, so I passed. But that wasn't the only reason I passed on the candles today.  My stores lack of a selection of anything new also helped guide me away....because I have all that are currently out, and they still haven't received any sort of Paris inspired anything candle wise yet.

So on this cold, rainy day I went out to the mall to brighten it up a bit.

The manager was stacking a huge pile of the totes on a cart and on the blue bag holders as I walked through the door.  I asked was she busy and she told me not too much.  People are not LIKING the sale....because everything is regular priced.

I smiled and told her it's not a typical 40% off sale where the regular store sale pricing is still available.  And as I wandered around trying to think what I would love I could hear the customers at the cash wrap declining the tote offer...while others just walked out.
What is interesting to me is that later in the morning, I did get an email of the sales that I I always do for my area.  Sadly though, I am not able to shop them in my store...only online.

The manager and I talked about a few things and she then mentioned that if I had a 20% off coupon I can also apply it to my purchase making the tote even cheaper.  She mentioned the checkout process was a bit tricky the way it needs to be entered to forgive the time it may take to get it completed.  It didn't dawn on me that everything would get that extra 20% off at first since she mentioned it would take my tote down to $8.00.  I guess I thought I had to buy the tote first...use the coupon then everything else would get the 40% off.

I wanted the mermazing pocketbacs...but they didn't come in, nor did the double waves candle holder. The men's scents won't be put out until the Mother's Day floorset so I couldn't get those either.  The new candle collection Mixed Materials with Sweet Spearmint, etc. were not called for so I missed out on getting those too.  Purchases for another day.

Here is what I did get:
The Blue Gingham Zippered new Cosmetic Bag
Two Scentportables: another crab and another frenchie dog
Another Red, White and Blue Icee Desktop Pocketbac holder
The anchors and waves pedestal candle holder
Another Panda cosmetic pouch
Seven Pocketbacs: coconuts, where my beaches at, and five fri yay
Two hand creams: Heart of Gold Berry Sweet and Jamaica Pineapple Colada
A Hand Cream Holder with a Palm Tree on to match this tote
Three pocketbac holders: a graduate hat 2017, another mermaids tail and another life preserver
A three pack gift box with La Fleur
A tulips in a pail gift bag

Information about the Tote:
The tote itself measures approx. 20"L  x 14" H x 4.5" W
It is definitely a generous sized tote.
It has a sparkly thread embedded fabric on the outside only like a few of the other Totes they have offered previously and is tan in color. All edges inside the bag are covered in tape and it does have a full zipper closure.
The price tag inside the bag reads $35.00 but when it was beeped at the register before anything else I saw it ring $16.37. The final price on the receipt was $8.00.
The palm tree is a rose gold/bronze glittered sewn on applique.
I did see another tote being offered in I believe Kentucky and what other states  I am not sure because the entire email was not shared and it is shown on the bottom of it like mine was. That tote was priced at $5.00 and offered shoppers 30% off { plus the additional 20% with a coupon}. Those stores had 20% off coupons in store for customers to use.

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