Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Mother's Day Pink Tote | First Look Early Release Mailer Purchase

I didn't plan on going out today having so much to do but the blue skies and an article in today's paper lured my hubby to want to take a ride so I went.  The fact that there was a Bath and Body Works store in the area didn't hurt.

I will write more about where we went in another post but I did want to share a photo of the Pink Mother's Day Tote that I did end up grabbing today.  

Even if I choose to sell the bag, I wanted to use my First Look Early Preview Coupons to have it shown I do use them and they can send me MORE.

For this required $30 purchase I chose more of the Nourishing Hand Soap with Coconut Milk.
Today, May 10th and tomorrow, May 11th, those who have the Mailer Early Preview Coupon can purchase this Tote in stores.  Friday, May 12th all stores will be offering the bag, no coupon required.

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