Bath & Body Works | Easter 2022

Look Forward to Easter Gifts from Bath & Body Works





Easter 2021 has come and gone, but don’t worry – next year, we’ll have the cutest goodies for any bunny and everybody. So, when spring sprouts in 2022, come hopping straight for this page. See you then!

Line Their Easter Baskets with Joy

Easter for the kids has never been easier. Start with an extra bubbly shower gel. It’s fun, colorful and always a hit at bath time. Add a fluffy loofah and they’re ready to go. Of course, you’ll want to get them some other little goodies, so we recommend a super-sweet-smelling PocketBac. Pair it with the most adorable hand sanitizer holder…with options that glow, make noise and sparkle – they’ll look great clipped on their bookbag.

Now let’s get to hunting for best Easter basket ideas for adults. A bundle of relaxation is exactly what they need. First: pick them a body scrub in their favorite fragrance (or two). From there, add matching (or non-matching) body cream, body wash and fine fragrance mist. They’ll love having a spa day packed into a single basket. And if you need some Easter gifts for men, our collection’s hopping with options – like a new, indulgent cologne or the ever-essential body wash. P.S. Don’t forget to grab yourself a little something…everyone deserves to be spoiled.

Bring Easter Into Your Home (And Theirs!)

Fresh-cut flowers, sweet berries and lush, green scents are the definition of a perfect Easter. Pick out a few of our iconic 3-wick candles…they’re basically instant Easter. Top the candle with an adorable bunny or chick candle topper and you’re ready to go. Plus, they make great additions to your cheery d├ęcor (and even better gifts). And if you need another reason to love our candles, they’re right here:

• Made with natural essential oils

• Beautiful room-filling fragrance

• Amazing quality from beginning to end

• Every candle is 100% guaranteed

Don’t stop with 3-wick candles. Pick up some Wallflowers refills for your house and your hostess bestie. They fill every room with always-on fragrance. Bonus: they’re kind of like pretty, little Easter eggs – so your walls will be celebrating with you. Oh, and if some bunny shows up unannounced: room sprays! Two quick bursts and the room will be full of your favorite scent.