Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bath & Body Works | New Floorset day two purchases

January 21, 2015
I didn't intend on going back to the mall today because we were in for a snowstorm but when hubby woke and asked if I wanted to try once more at the store without the weakness and fainting...I agreed.
I wasn't sure what I could possibly buy but as it turned out, the 75% off tables held a few things I wanted.  With being sick last week I missed out on the end of SAS but I did spy these few things:
Black tie Mason jr $2.50
Mini Black tie candle .89 cents
pocketbacs for Valentine gifts .80 cents each
2 tote bags $1.00 each
A Frame Display with the White Barn Market items
New Metal lantern for 3 wick candles

A nice blurry pic, haha of the pocketbacs
Accessories: Cosmetic bags ( green/blue and orange/pink) nail files and loofahs

Scentportable Pineapple

Mini Candle pedestal Brazil Collection $5.00

3 wick pedestal Brazil Collection $9.50
Not my style at all they remind me of a 70's throwback and I didn't enjoy that time period growing up in it.  That starburst wallflower too.
Large Luminary, glass with palm fronds cut into it with metal $54.50

Smart Soap system new Brazil scents. I passed since I own a lot of other scents currently.  There were certain hand soaps on sale today for $4.00.

Those cute socks. Very thin.  And no slipper grippers on the bottom.  I already have one broken toe I worry with my clutzy-ness and no grippers it's an accident waiting to happen for me.  I would have loved a LARGE beach towel with these patterns!!!

Palm fronds wallflower


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