Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bath & Body Works | New Mini Candles

January 3, 2015
It's an icy day here with Winter Storm Frona passing through dropping off all kinds of slick, miserable wet weather. And tomorrow, it is predicted we will have fifty degree temps.  Ah, January.
So I am making the best of staying inside and being safe and going through more of my Bath and Body Works stash.
Yesterday on a quick trip to the mall I grabbed a Wish body cream from the 75% off table.  I purchased the travel sized products when that collection launched....{something I have been doing now} and since I really liked that scent on me I wanted to make sure I had one larger size. 

 I wasn't the only one grabbing for it, since that collection as well as the Vanillas went 75% off shoppers were filling up their bags.  People in the store were checking out the Amber Blush table but passing it up because it was at 50% still. And the candles sat there too.  I think people are waiting, hoping for a big reduction in the wax...and with a new group of candles marked for release in a few weeks, I am predicting that if the wax goes lower...these stores will get them back for exchanges of the what happened previously.
Truth be told I am SAS bored with what was out and I am very ready for the new.  And with pictures being shared everywhere and seeing new in store for myself...who really wants to see last years old anymore still priced at only 50% off.
What would be great is when collections come out....and we have them for the three or so weeks ...whatever is leftover then when a new scent launches should be SAS clearance priced in store immediately.  Drop the price and clear it out. Gone.

This week I started burning the Cherry Blossom Sangria, and it is just too adorable in its little mason jar.  I did notice, however the label on one of the jars is already peeling off and its not on the jar that got hot.  These labels have a bit of texture to them, which I love...and the lettering is a bit raised.  If that is affecting the labels, or if the glue is just simply not great... I hope its not going to be a problem on the three wick size too!
The tropical minis are all the same scents we have seen and smelled before.  These labels are simple yet perfect.  I know you don't usually get a big punch of scent throw from the little candles, but seeing these new out I couldn't pass them up...and they are perfect for using at my desk as I work.
I am looking forward to seeing this new floor set.  Not just for the candles but for all of the home and body fragrance things.  New wallflowers...bulbs...and of course...Pocketbacs.
I heard that not only will we see some light up...but they may play a tune.  True or not, it remains to be seen. 
But on this cold, wintery day...thinking about warm, tropical places with the scent of coconut in the air currently in my room, that is exactly what I have in mind.

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