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Bath & Body Works | Spring Scent List | 2015

January 20,  2015
Signature Fragrances:

Brazil Collection
Cool Amazon Rain (amazon rain, Brazilian starfruit, dewy bamboo)
Fresh Brazil Citrus (exotic citrus, luscious pineapple, passionflower)
Lush Pink Dragon Fruit (pink dragon fruit, wild waterlilies, jungle plum)

Love and Sunshine  (Sunkissed Daisies, Sweet Lemon, Mara Strawberries)

Hawaiian Collection
Hawaii Passion Fruit Kiss (Kona Mountain Passion fruit, luscious Kiwi, and Hawaiian Red Pineapple)
Kauai Lei Flower (Sun Kissed Plumeria, Vanilla Orchid, Coconut Milk)
Maui Mango Surf (Ruby Mango, Guava Nectar, Coral Hibiscus)
Oahu Coconut Sunset (Coconut Blossom, Hawaiian Monoi, Molten Amber)
Waikiki Beach Coconut (Beach Coconut, Salt water Breeze, and Sun Bleached Woods)

America's Favorites
Beautiful Day
(sun-kissed apple, wild daisies, fresh pink peonies)

Japanese Cherry Blossom
(Asian pear, mimosa petals, himalayan cedarwood)

Moonlight Path
(French lavender, lily of the valley, soft musk)

Sweet Pea
(sweet pea petals, fresh raspberry, soft musk)

Warm Vanilla Sugar
(vanilla Tonka, sparkling sugar, creamy sandalwood)

Perfect Spring Fragrances

(being redone and released in Fine Fragrance Mist, Body Lotion and Shower Gel)

Butterfly Flower
(white orchid, mimosa petals, creamy coconut milk)

Carried Away
(lush raspberries, white jasmine, whipped vanilla)

Cherry Blossom
(red plum, cherry blossom, soft sandalwood)

Wild Honeysuckle
(wild honeysuckle, rain kissed jasmine, white woods)

Fresh and Playful
Beautiful Day
Endless Weekend
Sea Island Cotton
Sweet Pea
White Citrus

Floral and Flirty
A Thousand Wishes
French Lavender and Honey
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Mad About You
Moonlight Path
Paris Amour

Warm and Cozy
Cashmere Glow
Pink Chiffon
Twilight Woods
Velvet Sugar
Wild Madagascar Vanilla

Home Fragrances:
Brazil Collection
Amazon Falls (lush greens, cascading waterfalls, white woods)
Black Teakwood (mahogany, dark oak, lavender)
Brazilian Blue Waters (sparkling bergamot, coastal waves, solar musk)
Copacabana Beach (sun kissed coconut, sweet Tonka, driftwood)
Mango Dragon Fruit (fresh mango, mandarin, pink dragon fruit)
Rainforest Gardenia (white gardenia, watery greens, soft woods)
Rio Red Guava (sparkling bergamot, red guava, passion fruit)
Spiced Pineapple Samba (pineapple, tropical spices, green banana)

Spring Market Collection
Cherry Blossom Sangria (cherries, red apples, sparkling lemons)
Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut  (white cinnamon, powered sugar, homemade doughnut)
Peach Bellini (sparkling peach, sweet orange, yellow mandarin)
Sparkling Limeade (lime zest, sweet lemons, sparkling tonic)
Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade (strawberry preserves, tart rhubarb, citrus zest)
Vanilla Bean Marshmallow (marshmallow fluff, sweet vanilla bean, steamed milk)
Watermelon Lemonade (watermelon nectar, sugared lemonade, raspberry garnish)
Iced Almond Chai ( White Barn exclusive) {coconut milk, fresh cinnamon, crushed ice}
Tequila Lime Cupcake ( White Barn exclusive) {vanilla cake, lime frosting, splash of tequila}

Tiki Beach Collection
Caribbean Escape (tropical melon, coconut milk, tart raspberry nectar)
Coconut Leaves (coconut husk, tangerine zest, palm leaves)
Island Margarita (ripe nectarine, mandarin, persimmon)
Island Waters (juicy pineapple, bamboo, salt water)
Oceanside (sun-ripened raspberry, sea spray, warm sands)
Papaya Sunrise (tropical citrus, pink melon, coconut)
Pineapple Mango (pineapple juice, mango, fresh raspberry)
Tiki Beach (toasted coconut, mandarin zest, palm leaves)
Beach Cabana (wallflower refill only) {orange blossoms, warms sands, salty air}

Seasonal Colored Glass
Apple Flower (juicy honey crisp, mandarin, muguet petals)
Eucalyptus Mint (fresh eucalyptus, spearmint, splash of citrus)
Fresh Water and Sea Salt (sea spray, sparkling oranges, warm sandalwood)
Honeysuckle Bouquet (honeysuckle, red apples, blonde woods)
Japanese Cherry Blossom (Japanese cherry blossom, mimosa petals, cedarwood)
Lavender Vanilla (fresh lavender, creamy vanilla, jasmine)
Lemon Mint Leaf (lemon zest, sparkling citrus, spearmint leaves)
Lilac Blossom (fresh lilac, crisp greens, warm musk)
Mahogany Teakwood (mahogany, oak, lavender)
Renew and Refresh (pear, melon, mandarin)
Eucalyptus Mint and Rain (mint leaves, eucalyptus, water lotus)
Kitchen Lemon (sparkling lemon, orange peel sugar cane)

Signature Collection Fragrances
Love and Sunshine (bright clementine, juicy kiwi and shimmering currant)

Wallflowers only:
Sweet Pea
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Beautiful Day
Japanese Cherry Blossom

Hawaiian Collection:
Big Island Bamboo (fresh water, bamboo, driftwood)
Guava Colada (pink guava, peaches, coconut husk)
Hawaiian Hibiscus (pink grapefruit, mango, hibiscus flowers)
Honolulu Sun (coconut milk, pineapple, warm sun)
Oahu Coconut Sunset (tropical fruits, coconut, gardenia)
Pineapple Palm Grass (juicy pineapple, sweet oranges, green grass)
Sweet Maui Mango (fresh mango, mandarin, pink dragonfruit)
White Sand Beaches (fresh blue water, sprigs of lavender, soft woods)
Happy Home Collection
Fresh Spring Blue Skies (fresh citrus,, blue waters, blue moss)
Happy Sunshine and Green Daisies (daisy petals, jasmine, dewy greens)
Home Sweet Caramel Comfort (juicy pear, warm caramel, vanilla)
Love Hearts and Flowers (pink peonies, sparkling orange, blueberries)
Relax Lavender Linens (wild lavender, rosemary, warm Tonka)
Smile Pink Lemonade Punch (sugared pomegranate, sparkling lemons, tart raspberries)
Sunshine Bright Verbena Blossoms (verbena blossoms, lavender, lily of te valley)

Other Collection
Eucalyptus Mint (fresh eucalyptus, spearmint, splash of citrus)
Limoncello (Sorrento lemons, cane sugar, lemon zest)
Fresh Linen (wallflower refill only) {sunny citrus, fresh linen, violet}
Cinnamon Stick (wallflower refill only) {warmed cinnamon stick, mulled apple, shaved nutmeg}

Chicago Collection : White Barn Exclusive
North Avenue Beach (creamy coconut, summer orchids, vanilla)
Lakeshore Drive (refreshing pear, water lily, white woods)
Michigan Avenue (bergamot, citrus, lavender)
Sweet Home Chicago (caramel corn, warm taffy, salted sweet cream)
Rooms Collection : White Barn Exclusive
Bedroom: Lavender Linens (fresh lavender, musk, cedar wood)
Kitchen: Sundrenched Herbs leafy green herbs, orchid petal, marigold)
Master Bath: Bergamot Water (bergamot, sugared citrus, creamy sandalwood)
Wine Cellar: Mulled Wine and Spice (red fruit, Indonesian patchouli, saffron)
Den: Leather and Agar wood (fine leather, tobacco flowers, exotic agar wood)
So Pretty, So Chic: White Barn Exclusive
French Lavender (fresh wild lavender, fruity floral jasmine, warm Tonka)
Peony Petals (pink peonies, sparkling oranges, blueberries)
White Pear Champagne (champagne, sparkling pear, effervescent plum)
Lemon Verbena (verbena blossoms, lavender, lily of the valley)
Paris Daydream (bergamot, blue waters, fresh moss)
Black Raspberry Merlot (crisp pear, sparkling red wine, oak barrels)
Vanilla Bean Macron (marshmallow fluff, sweet vanilla bean, steamed milk)
Blue Orchid (orchid, violet petals, soft woods)

Screen Doors and Sweet Tea: White Barn Exclusive
Beautiful Day ( crisp apples, watery greens, hyacinth)
Bowties and Bourbon (fresh bergamot, vanilla, dark oak)
Georgia Peach (juicy peaches, bergamot, apricots)
Honeysuckle (honeysuckle, red apples, blonde woods)
Lilac Blossom (fresh lilac, crisp greens, warm musk)
Praline Pecan Cobbler (pecans, cinnamon sugar, warm caramel)
Southern Sweet Tea ( sugar cubes, lemon twist, brewed tea)
Sundress (sparkling bergamot, apples, cedarwood)
Veranda Garden (lush greens, fresh citrus, cedarwood)
Watermelon Lemonade ( watermelon nectar, sugared lemonade, raspberry garnish)
Turquoise Waters: White Barn Exclusive
Black Sands ( salted bergamot, warm sands, creamy cedarwood)
Coconut Vanilla (toasted coconut, coconut water, vanilla)
Endless Weekend (sparking orange, gardenia, creamy vanilla)
Monoi Taire Flower (tiare flower, juicy mandarins, coconut husks)
Ocean Drift wood (gardenia petals, white woods, solar musk)
Polynesian Palm (green palm leaves, watery nuances, hyacinth)
Pomelo Paradise (grapefruit zest, mangoes,  papaya slices)
Sunset Beach (Caribbean pineapple, papaya pulp, sugarcane)
Tahitian Island Dream (mandarins, water lily, tahitian vanilla)
Turquoise Waters (sparkling bergamot, coastal waves, solar musk)
Soaps and Sanitizers
Sunshine is Delicious
Blue Skies and Blooms (wild daisies, daffodils, lychee)
Pink Peonies and Pears (Anjou pears, peony petals, pink sugar)
Spring Poppies and Picnics (strawberries, wild poppies, spring nectar)
Springtime and Clementines (clementine, blood orange, peach blossoms)
Sunshine and Lemons (lemon, freesia, juicy nectarine)
White Lily and Lime (garden air, spring lilies, citrus)

Core Seasonal
AT Eucalyptus Spearmint (fresh mint, crisp eucalyptus, sweet clary sage)
Beautiful Day (sun kissed apple, wild daisies, fresh pink peonies)
Black Cherry Merlot (dark cherry, black raspberry, sumptuous merlot)
Caribbean Escape (fresh pineapple, casaba melon, creamy coconut)
Dancing Waters (sparkling waters, lush water lily)
Eucalyptus Mint (fresh mint, crisp eucalyptus, sweet clary sage)
Garden Strawberries (fresh strawberries)
Japanese Cherry Blossom (seductive blossoms, Asian pear, sandalwood)
Kitchen Lemon (zesty lemon, sparkling citrus, Italian bergamot)
Mad About You (black currant, bright peony, vanilla musk)
Paris Amour (French tulips, apple blossoms, sparkling pink champagne)
Peach Bellini (juicy peach, white apricot, fresh mango)
Pink Chiffon (red per, vanilla orchid, chiffon musk)
Sea Island Cotton (white cotton, fresh air)
Sweet Pea (sweet pea petals, white freesia, juicy raspberries)
Sweet Tangerines (fresh tangerines)
Warm Vanilla Sugar (creamy vanilla, sparkling sugar)
White Citrus (fresh lemon, bright tangerine, ginger flower)

Brazil Collection
Amazon Rainforest Orchid (lush greens, wild orchid, jasmine)
Brazil Pineapple Punch (pineapple, iced melon, spice)
Copacabana Coconut ( creamy coconut, fresh palm, vanilla)
Jungle Passion Fruit (pink passion fruit, pomegranate, sugar cane)
Rio Samba Sunset (white amber, orange flower, musk)
Wild Mango Mojito ( sparkling mango, fresh papaya, citrus)

Hawaii Collection:
Hawaiian Pink Hibiscus (hibiscus petals, pink guava)
Honolulu Sun (fresh island coconut, pacific palm)
Island White Pineapple (white pineapple, sparkling melon)
Lush Bamboo Waterfall (lush bamboo, island mist)
Maui Mango Mai Tai (sweet mango, juicy blood orange)
Papaya Sunset (sun kissed papaya, warm jasmine)

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