Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bath & Body Works | New Hand Soaps | Fresh Picked ~ Brazilian Collection

January 4, 2015
Slowly, but surely new hand soaps are filtering into Bath and Body Works stores for the up coming new floor set and some of the Brazilian collection and Fresh Picked Collections are pictured below. I will update this post as more new becomes available.
Brazilian Collection Spring 2015
front view:
side view:

So far, these were the only scents I have seen in both the gentle foaming and deep cleansing versions.
The Wild Mango Mojito is definitely a fruity citrus scent and I find it very refreshing. The Copacabana Coconut is a warm coconut scent with a hint of vanilla.  Another Tropical scent to love.  Rio Samba Sunset smells clean to reminded me of a shampoo scent, one that you keep smelling over and over again.  I really liked it and I will get more in the deep cleansing formula.
With their colored bottles and pumps, the brightly detailed labels will definitely draw attention to your sink.  The gold metallic color of the hand soap name is hard to see at times as it blends into the wood look strip behind it.

Fresh Picked Spring 2015
Garden Strawberries
Sweet Tangerines
Both of these scents are true to name.  There is a sharpness of citrus in the Tangerine, very refreshing and the Strawberries smells like their typical strawberry scent.  Both very pleasant to have at the sink.
The packaging to me looks like a washed out water color painting. I do prefer more detail and depth but its a label that is going to get wet so it is fine. I do love the raised lettering on the fresh picked medallion and the simple fresh good logo with the fruit motif.


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