Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bath & Body Works | New Candles | Mothers Day ~ Spring possible release

January 3, 2015
A Fellow Instagram user shared her newest candle find yesterday from a Georgia Bath and Body Works test store.
 I don't know for sure as she didn't answer when asked which store it was but I do know that my friend visits the test stores there and has a great relationship with the managers who always get her the new from the back so I am sure it is one of the stores listed on my Facebook page of names.
These candles are possible releases for spring around Mothers Day she said.
She mentioned that there were others in this line and so far the reaction of the packaging has been mixed.
Although I haven't seen these in person to fully judge, I will say a few things about what I can tell from the picture.
The glass jar is colored, and with that comes the lack of a lid.  I noticed that when we get colored glass or fully wrapped candle jars, we don't get a lid.

For me it's not that big a deal but I have been reading others complaining about it. Some want it for ease in stacking while others say they use it to extinguish the candle.  Harry Slatkin did mention to do that when he demoed candles and I know for myself, all it does is trap the smoke inside the liquid wax which then causes it to discolor and stink of soot.
 I know the stores are more careful when stacking without lids on the floor.  So, I am guessing they stay in the box in the back room.
I personally use a sheet of cardboard across the lidless candles I have and it keeps them clean and they stack well so lid or no lid it's not that big of a deal for me.
Lid-less candles have a plastic or paper dust cover over the wicks and these seem to match the pattern of the label, continuing the pattern over the top.

Each label seems to have what looks like a ribbon behind the round candle name label that is trimmed in gold leaf scroll pattern.
These tend to look like they are wallpaper prints themed or that this is an attempt in trying to imitate a higher end luxury candle design. I have seen notecards out for sale with the same feel.
I guess the thinking is luxury for Mom on Mothers Day. And who doesn't love colored glass.
The scent names sound interesting but I would have chosen a different font for the candles name.
If more candles are revealed I will surely update this post as we wait to see if these come out sometime this spring. And my thanks to all who share their finds that keeps us lovers of wax informed.
Happy Scenting!



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