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Bath & Body Works | Beach House Collection | May 2016

May 7, 2016

With so many new things already being seen for the upcoming floor set on May 15th I thought I would get a list started to keep track of everything.

Signature Fragrance:

Malibu Heat - Juicy Pineapple, California Oranges. Coconut Flower

Available in these forms:
Fine Fragrance Mist
Body Lotion
Body Cream
Shower Gel

After Sun Spray Lotion - Available in Honolulu Sun
Beach Glow Gel Lotion - Available in Honolulu Sun
Foaming Shower Gel - Available in Honolulu Sun, Waikiki Beach Coconut, Tiki Mango Mai Tai, and Aloha Waterfall Orchid.
*Around May 27th Bath and Body Works will once more offer a Fragrance Flashback and for a limited time they will bring online exclusives and long time unseen fragrances back to stores. Here is the list we know of so far.
Flashback Fragrances
Brown Sugar and Fig
Cotton Blossom
Country Apple
Cucumber Melon
Mango Mandarin
Sun-Ripened Raspberry

Coming soon, we will see the repackage of Sweet Pea hit all stores and the older style bottles will be sold off at SAS. These photos were shared with me back in February.
Please note: Warm Vanilla Sugar will be getting an update later this year , in the Fall and I heard whispers that A Thousand Wishes may also be getting some new Packaging. The Warm Vanilla Sugar current packaging will leave with January's SAS.

As far as what is leaving for SAS.  I haven't had any confirmed information...yet, but I do know that Limoncello could be leaving the walls and the stores.  Perhaps it wasn't a great seller.  A while ago there was some testing with Pink Chiffon, White Citrus and Sea Island Cotton and one other and some stores reported taking it off of the walls to the back. Maybe to see how popular it was if it was requested. Could one of those scents be leaving??  Maybe. And is Be Joyful out of sight too? Or returning for the Holidays??

Candle Collections:
There were a few candle collections out testing and for now we may just see the two pictured on the upcoming coupon shown above.
Summer Theme Sparkly Label
Beach Cabana
Black Sands
Endless Weekend
Pineapple Mango
Seaside Gardenia
Sunny Coconut
Sparkling Waves
Tiki Beach
Swirl Frosted Glass Jars
Malibu Citrus Glow
St. Tropez Beach Cabana
Bora Bora
Caribbean Driftwood Surf
South Beach Suntan
Riviera Maya Plumeria Petals
Candle Sleeves and Luminaries:
Large Pieced Glass Luminary $69.50
Metal Anchor Square Sleeve- both three wick and mini size
White Ceramic Pedestal in Mini and Three Wick - Shell and Conch Shell $9.50 each
Three wick Silver Boat Candle Tray
Three Wick Silver Anchors Candle Topper
Luminary photo credit: @candlefrenzyfan on Instagram
Hand Soap Collections:

Kitchen Lemon
Kitchen Lemon and Linen
Kitchen Lemon and Mint
Peach Bellini
Beach House Summer Themed Label:
Beach House
Summer Sail
Sparkling Seas

Hand Soap Accessories:
Lighthouse Hand Soap Decanter
Sparkly Pearl Hand Soap Sleeve $9.50
Anchor Metal Sleeve $7.50

decanter photo credit: tammy marcum
Pocketbacs Holders-
Ahoy - sparkling seas
Sea you later - summer sail
Seas the Day
I the Beach
Life's a Beach
Girls just want to have Sun
Yay Summer
I heart USA - fireworks fizz
XO -sprinkled donut
Lantern $10.50
Glittered Fish
Pineapple Drink $14.50
Blue Barrel
Wood Turtle
Bulb Refills:

Room Sprays:
Beach Cabana
Black Sands
Sunny Coconut

I am not sure when these other Candle Collections that were tested are going to hit the floors but I wanted to post a reminder of them.
Blueberry Twist
Watermelon Lemonade
Raspberry Citrus Swirl
Mango Coconut Cooler
Pink Apple Punch
Sangria Berry Freeze

photo credit: duchessofwax on Instagram
Desert Collection
Adobe Sunset
Cactus Lily
Desert Rain
Desert Heat
Mojave Sands
Sedona Sandstone
Wild Sage and Aloe
photo credit: duchessofwax on Instagram

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