Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Teacup Luminary Candle Holder | Flowerpot

May 14, 2016
This was shared this on my Facebook page a few days ago after I redid it and I wanted to make a post here as well.
I never did find the pink or the blue teacups in any of the stores I visited and after the manager in one told me, anything that nice never would have hit the sales floor for floor set as her and her workers would have bought them first, I came to the conclusion I never would be getting them.
They are available all over the internet on Amazon, Ebay, and Mercari for more than double the price it was offered in the stores so that was out of the question.  If I wanted a pink one, I could spray mine pink but the yellow color seemed so bright and cheery I decided to keep it as it was.
As a candle luminary, it was okay.  But I wanted something more than okay.  I considered putting succulent flowers into mine and making it a teacup fairy garden...I even purchases a micro miniature table and chairs tea set, but the succulents were too low to showcase the teacup.
When I hit the greenhouse for my bedding flowers I grabbed some orange symphony (looks like orange daisies), a dolce crème brulee Heuchera (coral bells), and a superbells dreamsicle (mini petunias) to fill the teacup with that color combination...but the flower pot I was using inside of it wouldn't let me use all of that, so they were planted in a large planter with millet and I was off to find something for the teacup, again.
 I decided on these varieties of flowers: Gazania's, petunias and verbena and the result is perfect. The flower pot is from Wegman's Food Stores.  They have a new brown colored terra-cotta selection of sizes and that looked better than a terra-cotta orange color inside.  I just put a measuring tape inside and measured the width of the top and the depth of the teacup and they had the perfect size for $9.99.  What is great about having the flowers inside of a flower pot is the luminary won't need to be drilled for draining or lined for planting and I can change it out any time....or use it as a candle holder.
Here is an overhead picture to see the verbena.  As it fills up, I will share another photo.

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