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Fairy Garden Girl | Today's Garden Project | Stacked and Forgotten

May 6, 2016
I received my order of tiny succulents the other day and I was so anxious to get my projects started I thought I would spend this rainy day playing in the dirt.
Before I began, I had no idea how I wanted this to look.  I stared at the flower pot wondering which succulents I wanted to use and what was my end goal.  The great thing about doing a project like this, both large and small scale can change it any time you wish.
The little houses I used were purchased twenty years ago and used as a Christmas Village at one time or another.  I kept them in the tote of holiday village pieces for that just in case moment I wanted to decorate a cupboard or china.  It wasn't until I started seeing so many fairy things that I remembered them and thought they would be a good scale size for this flower pot.
The potting soil used is Cactus soil for ease in draining. I think this brand was Miracle Gro.
Some of the little plants were left in their small pots while others were planted in the soil of the pot.
I made sure I had plenty of accessories before I began...even though one of the items yet to be added should be in tomorrows mail and it will be placed on the bottom tray in the open area between the house and the plant.
And I tried to be careful of which plants I used so they all had the same water/sun needs.
Some accessories I have been collecting to do my Fairy themes:
Small Paint Brushes (for gently brushing the dirt off of the plants and pots, and using the handle to make holes to plant)
Bagged Dried Moss ( I grabbed mine at Michaels Craft Store, it was an assorted package. They are really puffy and you can tear small pieces so it will go far)
Stones (various sizes and colors, available at craft stores and even dollar stores)
Colored Gravel (not in this project but blue gravel makes a great water illusion)
Bagged Sand (for pathways and beach themes)
Terra Cotta Flower Pots ( garden centers and craft stores offer many sizes. Keep in mind you use these not only to plant in, but to use inside the pot to make varying heights layers. Grab a few trays too.)
Fairy and Gnome accessories ( I have been purchasing mine on Ebay, and this project used the MICRO size Gnome.
To "break" my pot I used duct tape to stabilize the V cut I wanted and I used pliers to chip away at the inside of the tape. {wearing safety goggles of course. no one wants terra cotta in their eye}
I saved all of the pieces to use as layers.
Putting dirt in the bottom and a piece of sedum, I added another smaller tray at an angle to hold the next layers. Adding in a half of pot here and there...
As I continued, I wanted this to look like a stack of broken pots that nature and the gnomes took over.  This turned out great and I enjoyed doing it most of all!

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