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Bath& Body Works | May 12, 2016 Purchases

May 12, 2016
I didn't think I would find anything new available yet in the few stores I visited yesterday and heaven forbid I ASK a QUESTION    ;)  
But as luck would have it I found a few things I had on my list a few days before Monday's new items release.
It was mentioned to me earlier that accessories could be out and sold but Signatures must wait until release day.  So I did grab the new Pineapple Drink Wallflower {not sure where I would put it and it was pricey at $14.50 but it was one of those things you come to discover you want---after its sold out}so in the bag it went, and the Lantern Wallflower priced at $10.50. I didn't think I would like the lantern, because I really love collecting the Lighthouses and they didn't make one...yet....but I have come to adore it.
There was a new Wood Turtle Wallflower and he was cute if you like turtles and had a place to put it.  I am running out of places to plug them in, so I passed on the turtle.
The store had one of the Pearl Sparkle Hand Soap Sleeves priced at $9.50, so that was coming home with me to be part of the collection started with the matching scentportable.
There is a nautical theme hand soap sleeve with an anchor and while it is lovely and on point for that theme of decorating, the problem I have with this kind of sleeve is the bottle would look nicer inside of it if it was opaque.  I think, and it's only me, that the detail of the sleeve is lost with too much going on through the pattern of the metal and if I am going to deal with rust on my sink I want it to look the way I want.  It was priced at $7.50.
These new, or new to me, flower sleeves with color inside were finally available here.  While they may have been out at other locations earlier, this was the first time seen and available here. 
A Turquoise - like Scentportable was found in the display and being a lover of Turquoise this was pretty nice. I didn't think to pick it up to price it, sorry.  But they, too, have been sneaking up in cost...
 I finally got my Patriotic Hand Sanitizer Holders and refills.  They had just come in from the delivery.  I grabbed a few  YAY SUMMER refills and a plain white holder.  Silly me, I forgot the Ahoy refill that was on my list and available.
And finally the new Bounce Back Coupon arrived for the preview to Semi Annual Sale in June.
I did Three Transactions:
The pearl sleeve $9.50 and the white pb holder $1.00 (too high in price) and I used a free item coupon for the lavender shower gel.
The patriotic pb holders came to $11.00 and I used a free item coupon for the raspberry shower gel.
The two wallflowers $14.50 and $10.50 and the five pb refills $6.00 and used a survey coupon. 

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