Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bath & Body Works | $6.00 masons & candle sales

August 9 2014
After a day full of outdoor chores, I was glad to finally relax this afternoon walking around an air conditioned mall while checking out the current goings on in Bath and Body Works.
But first let me write out what I know.....
Earlier this morning I saw something that leads me to think that a $6.00 mason jar candle sale is coming and with it may be a Hand Soap Sale.
I know everyone is hoping for a three wick candle sale happening on Monday and I am not sure that is what we will see.  Personally I thought we were going to have a $12. candle sale but now with the masons going on sale I don't think they will do both.
Now for the store.....
The store was a bit busy but when the crowds left I got to talking to the manager there to see what is new and happening in the next few days.
1.  Wild Madagascar Vanilla floor set is being moved up of now...and we all know things change at a moments notice but according to her, they do inventory on the 17th and then its floor set on the 18th.  She was pretty excited to hear that and said she can't wait to get to smell the new scent.  Me too.
2.  I asked if there was more new Halloween in to come out and she hemmed and hawed a bit and said the order wasn't opened yet but they were suppose to put out the three pocketbacs.  That's all she had so I grabbed five more.
3. She had one last coffret of the We love Fall candle minis and she pointed down to it and said look at that....  Apparently when she went to check out some ladies after showing them the coupon in the lid....the last box was opened and someone stole the $11 candle sale coupon.  I laughed and shook my head and said...."it's not like a pack of hot dogs with a coupon stuck to it in the grocery store, we don't just steal a coupon off a boxed candle set.  Apparently someone thought they could just take it....and she was upset that she had no way to get another coupon or code for a customer.  So, I bought the coffret and she said since she knows me and I do have a coupon in my coffret at home, she would be sure that I get my 5 candles at that price because I got it in her store.
Crazy people....
4. Speaking of candles....we talked about the walls being done now and if the Pumpkin Café  are coming.  She mentioned what I already knew....that yes, there is going to be a big ta do of pumpkin stuff coming to the store, some kind of store thing..... but she wasn't sure what day it was happening.   And when I asked her was there going to be a three wick candle sale for Monday 2 / $22 she said not that she has heard of yet and from what she knows they are not going to be having candle sales that often.  Most likely, once at the end of the month.
Today I purchased the coffret of mini candles, 5 more pocketbacs  and grabbed this cute plate (pictured below)  I showed in pictures some time ago and a French lavender TMC as a gift for my sister.  The plate is on the display of the new Artisan Signatures....under the items.  They were told that is how to display them, which is odd because the customers can't see them there, I did ask where it was....There were two others suppose to be available but this store never got those in.  Priced at $10.50 it was cute. And the towel set is also on the hand soap table and you get a pair of those, honey nectarines and pear wood cider printing.
I am hoping to see some Halloween themed items shortly..especially a large Ceramic Haunted House...if you happen to see one in you store be sure to visit my Facebook page and let me know!

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