Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Pre- Labor Day Sale Purchases | Candle Thoughts

August 31, 2014
My week has been crazy busy. With hubby working 6 days a week 12 hours a day and my trying to take care of everything else (with a problem with my eyes)...including painting projects plate has been full and migraine filled.
Add into that my fun work of writing stuff early in the morning or late at night...the brunt of it all piles on me on the weekends.  So while I haven't been posting a ton of writings here, that is not to say I haven't posted photos and information on Facebook. 
And in the mix of all of this I am trying to get a finalized...this list of the Holiday test candles that we all know should be coming out.  I checked my writings last year and at this time last year I already had my candles from the Customer Service we are a bit behind in getting the information out.
I keep hitting a few road blocks....which I am sure the company is happy to read.  I understand their wanting for whatever reason to put these candles out in certain locations to see how they do....but they need to understand all that does is make some richer.  As soon as they are spotted, ebay and IG sellers load up on them in the stores and flood the secondary market....or so I was told.  I do believe it because I did see it with the Fall Test Candle Scents...and heard the moans from store managers.
I say it again...put the candles on the web page first...get a feel of what people are liking...  put limits on how many each person can get if you need to....then load up your stores for big time sales.
When I say I have checked stores... I really have checked stores....and this is what I know so far....
We are going to see really soon this line of candles I have been talking about for some time now....finally come out with the next signature fragrances and I was told they are the colored glass jars and they are $30.00 each and beautiful.  Some stores have them in already just not placed out for sale....but that being said, some WB stores may put them out this Tuesday evening for floor set.  Maybe....{a few of the stores told me so, but I don't count on anything until I see it}
NEW* Home Fragrance Candles
 Colored Glass with full decoration around the jar
Coming to all stores with the Wild Madagascar Vanilla Signature Fragrance
Intrigue and Opulence
Baltic Black Pearl
pink peppercorn, vetiver, liquid amber
Cardamom and Suede
golden apple, cardamom, rich woods
Crimson Velvet
pomegranate, velvet orchid, blonde patchouli
Sapphire Sky
sugared citrus, granny smith apples, white cedar wood
Smoked Berries and Incense
vibrant cranberries, smoked cinnamon, incense
Sparkling Amber
sparkling amber, cashmere woods, Tonka bean
Topaz Waters
pristine waters, lily blossom, white woods
Golden Woods
black pepper, vetiver, pine needles

Now this scented candle  WMV should appear when the fragrance line launches later in September...the 29th I think.

New *Signature Home Fragrance
Wild Madagascar Vanilla
pear blossom, mandarin nectar, Madagascar Vanilla

So what is next regarding Holiday?  It's funny... I am told right now there are four collections...and that the candles are in the stores...and when I asked anything about them.....CRICKETS.  I ask when can I find out more....and I am told to call back....okey dokey....

So...there are four collections so far.  Now we all know things change on a dime so there could be many more planned...this is just what one store told me that was confirmed but two other stores.

Names?  Well there is the Snow and Slopes line....and definitely a Holiday Traditions line....and the others, well I will just need to call back when they told me to.  Here are the candle names for the snow and slopes and the White Barn Core and Seasonal.....Now I am not sure if they are considering the White Barns as part of the collection a bit we will find out.

Oh and Holiday is scheduled so far to set November 2nd.

Trust me... I am as excited as you all are to know the names.... it does make me happy....  I can't see or buy the candles easily now with them putting the kibosh on purchases and stores no longer doing phone orders..... { drats!!!!}  but that is okay....if they didn't need my hundreds of dollars...  :)

I am hoping that my friends who are lucky enough to get to a store that is hosting the new holiday candles will share a few {hundred} photos.  :)

New * Home Fragrance 2014
Snow and Slopes Collection
Alpine Frost
frosted clementine, snow covered pine and fir balsam
fresh balsam
hot buttered rum 
mahogany teakwood
marshmallow fireside
sparkling icicles
spiced apple toddy 
tis the season
vanilla snowflake

White Barn Core Collection
Eucalyptus Mint
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Lavendar Vanilla
Mahogany Teakwood
White Barn Seasonal Collection
Bergamot Woods
Cinnamon Clove Buds
Cranberry Woods
Fresh Balsam
Renew and Refresh
Sandalwood Citrus
Thanksgiving Feast
tart cranberry, holly berry, touch of cinnamon
Thanksgiving Harvest
harvest pumpkin, spice clove, vanilla cream
Thanksgiving Morning
pumpkin waffle batter, powdered sugar, pure maple syrup
Tiki Beach
Watermelon Lemonade

The other day when I posted that big huge list of names of candles, there were the new candles from Opulence in there but also a few old friends.....  I am guessing these will be part of one of the collections we don't know yet.

alpine frost   
at eucalyptus spearmint
autumn mums
autumn night
autumn sky
Baltic black pearl
banana nutmeg bread pudding
bergamot woods
black tie
blackberry bramble tea
bourbon butterscotch
caramel pumpkin swirl
cardamom and suede
cayenne caramel
champagne toast
cranberry pear belinni
cranberry woods
eucalyptus mint
farm stand apple
fresh balsam
green apple orchard
harvest gathering
harvest peaches
heirloom pumpkin
hot buttered rum
japanese cherry blossom
lavender vanilla
lemon mint leaf
mahogany teakwood
marshmallow fireside
peach belinni
pumpkin apple
pumpkin caramel latte
pumpkin cinnamon bun
pumpkin cupcake
pumpkin pecan waffles
pumpkin sugared donut
salted caramel corn
sandalwood citrus
sea salt and maple popcorn
smoked berries and incense
sparkling amber
sparkling icicles
spiced apple toddy
spiced pumpkin cider
sweater weather
sweet cinnamon pumpkin
sweater weather/sweet cinnamon pumpkin/pumpkin apple
thanksgiving feast
thanksgiving harvest
thanksgiving morning
tis the season
topaz waters
trick or treat
vanilla chai
vanilla pumpkin marshmallow
vanilla snowflake
warm caramel cider
wasabi apple
As soon as I get a completed list of Holiday Tests I will post it.  Just know I am doing all I can...
Now here are a few peeks at todays shopping damage....
I received two different mailers from Victoria's Secret advertising their new Fearless Scent.. one for a free panty and one for a free mist.  I chose the Untamed Love Spell. I did try the new Fearless and my initial thoughts were older lady scent.... like a nana scent, when it first went on me....  it dried down okay but I am not sure I would spend the big bucks they want for it... 

I received two we love fall mailers from bbw for mini candles and I chose these for my mini pumpkin domed holders. 

I didn't have a good photo of the owl soap dispenser so I shot this one...  This store that was one of 20 that set early was sold out of all of the gift sets I shared last Monday and a bunch of other things I wanted.  I am glad I got to see and buy what I did and now when my stores set for Wednesday morning I will already know what to look for.

I got this cute apple half sleeve $9.50.  I am not sure for what yet but it was cute.



I grabbed 5 of these purrfect potion hand soaps and one vampires blood.  Sadly I didn't get them for the $3.00 sale the day they were offered but what can you do when you cant get to the store. 


I grabbed one of each of these lip glosses... buy 2 get one free...priced at $8.00 each

 The Smart soaps in the two new scents were out, priced at $8.00 each or 3 for $18.  I need to get my slip adjusted as the sale price didn't come up and I missed it at the register talking about the upcoming holiday info.


This was a bagged gift of two mini candles and two pocket bacs with a coupon for $11.00 candles for $10.00.   This coupon starts September 29th....the other candle coupon in the coffret starts this Wednesday.

The fall sprays were out and on sale today.... $3.00

And I grabbed another Pumpkin Pecan Waffle 2 in 1 as it is very yummy.  And five pumpkin spice pocketbacs and the Autumn TMC.
And here is a picture of the Walmart candles everyone is talking about that are suppose to be made from the same manufacturer that BBW candles are made at, and are suppose to be really good dupes.  I did buy one tonight, the Pecan Waffles to try for myself.
So that was my pre-Labor day sales shopping...{other than two Halloween ornaments in Hallmark} I purchased Snoopy and the Dracula....


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