Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Lists and Notes of Fall and MORE | First Look

August 5, 2014
Here is a great First Look of names and notes not yet revealed in stores to get us all in the mood for the upcoming Fall and Holidays.
Autumn Harvest Signature Collection

Sweet Cinnamon PUMPKIN
Heirloom Pumpkin, Autumn Cinnamon, Whipped Vanilla

Honey Crisp Apple and Buttered Rum ORCHARD
HoneyCrisp Apple, Buttered Rum, Redwood Musk

Plum Moscato and Almond HARVEST
Plum Moscato, Toasted Almond, Lily Blossom

Pear and Cashmere Woods AUTUMN
Barlet Pear, Cashmere Woods, Creamy Fig

Pumpkin Latte and Marshmallow COMFORT
Pumpkin latte, Toasted Marshmallow, White Ginger
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
Fresh baked Waffles, Vermont Syrup, a Touch of Cinnamon
New *Signature Men's Collection
Alpine Suede
Crisp Alpine Air, Wild Vetiver, Warm Mountain Suede
Mahogany Woods
Fresh Mahogany, Bourbon Vanilla, Golden Amber
Whitewater Rush
Fresh White Water, Aromatic Bergamot, White Cedar

New * Signature for Fall
Wild Madagascar Vanilla
Madagascar Vanilla, Wild Jasmine, African Sandalwood
Next are some lists that we already heard of as coming in Home Fragrance but this lets us know what we should be seeing as to what made the cut. Keep in mind, this Home Fragrance list can be not only candles but Wallflowers and Room Sprays too. 
Home Fragrance
Pumpkin Café

pumpkin caramel swirl

pumpkin cupcake

pumpkin pecan waffles

pumpkin spiced cider

sweet cinnamon pumpkin

 pumpkin caramel latte

pumpkin cinnamon bun
Autumn Nights Collection:

autumn nights

fresh balsam


harvest gathering

marshmallow fireside

warm caramel cider
We Love Fall Collection:

autumn sky

green apple orchard

mahogany teakwood

 pumpkin apple

salted caramel corn

sweater weather

sweet cinnamon pumpkin


trick or treat
NEW* Home Fragrance Candles
 Colored Glass with full decoration around the jar
Coming to all stores

Intrigue and Opulent
Baltic Black Pearl
pink peppercorn, vetiver, liquid amber
Cardamom and Suede
golden apple, cardamom, rich woods
Crimson Velvet
pomegranate, velvet orchid, blonde patchouli
Sapphire Sky
sugared citrus, granny smith apples, white cedarwood
Smoked Berries and Incense
vibrant cranberries, smoked cinnamon, incense
Sparkling Amber
sparkling amber, cashmere woods, Tonka bean
Topaz Waters
pristine waters, lily blossom, white woods
Golden Woods
black pepper, vetiver, pine needles
New * Home Fragrance
Snow and Slopes Collection
Alpine Frost
frosted clementine, snow covered pine and fir balsam
fresh balsam
hot buttered rum
mahogany teakwood
marshmallow fireside
sparkling icicles
spiced apple toddy
tis the season
vanilla snowflake
White Barn Core
Eucalyptus Mint
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Lavendar Vanilla
Mahogany Teakwood
White Barn Seasonal
Bergamot Woods
Cinnamon Clove Buds
Cranberry Woods
Fresh Balsam
Renew and Refresh
Sandalwood Citrus
Thanksgiving Feast
tart cranberry, holly berry, touch of cinnamon
Thanksgiving Harvest
harvest pumpkin, spice clove, vanilla cream
Thanksgiving Morning
pumpkin waffle batter, powdered sugar, pure maple syrup
Tiki Beach
Watermelon Lemonade
Aromatherapy Home Fragrance
Eucalyptus Spearmint
New *Signature Home Fragrance
Wild Madagascar Vanilla
pear blossom, mandarin nectar, Madagascar Vanilla
Soaps and Sanitizers
We Love Fall Collection

cozy vanilla cream
The homemade goodness of whipped frosting, sweet cream and vanilla bean

crisp morning air
  The outdoor freshness of mountain pine, white juniper and a hint of pear
fall cranberry harvest
tart cranberry, mulberry citrus, crisp orchard air

sweet cinnamon pumpkin
  The irresistible treat of warm pumpkin, cinnamon stick and brown sugar

a walk in the woods
  A crisp walk through golden leaves, red rosewood and cool bergamot.

golden autumn citrus
  Autumn sunlight kissed with sparkling citrus. verbena leaves and juicy nectarine.

weekend apple picking
A blend of juicy, red apples, maple-kissed air, warm woods

Pumpkin Cafe Collection

  pumpkin cupcake

pumpkin pecan waffles

  sweet cinnamon pumpkin

 pumpkin caramel latte

  New * Intrigue and Opulent Collection
❥Malaysian Pomegranate
jeweled pomegranate, red currant, white raspberry
❥Morroccan Honey and Fig
sundrenched fig, golden honey, warm sandalwood
❥Sapphire Plum
rich plum, Marrakesh lemon, dark raspberry
❥Topaz Waters
calm blue waters, fresh moss, light musk
So there is a sneak peek at what we can expect to be coming, along with some scent notes to give us an idea of how delish everything is going to be.  Remember things are always subject to change...and everything posted is exactly what I saw myself and has not yet been posted online. 

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