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Bath & Body Works | Thoughts and Reviews | Artisan Collection and Fall

August 6, 2014

I thought I would jot down a few thoughts on some of the new items I grabbed at the latest floor set.

The first items are the Smart Soap refills in the four new fall hand soap fragrances.

I think I just grabbed the three of them because they were new and fall.  Priced at 3 for $18.00 I really need to stop doing that.
I should have tried them all at the sink and saved the money for Holiday.
This morning I tried all three (I didn't purchase the crisp morning air) and I am not noticing any great fall-like scent.  I tried each of them twice and the scents to me are faint.  When I use hand soap from the bottle, I can smell fragrance, sometimes even after my hands are dried.  With these, not so much, which is disappointing.  I plan on keeping them and I can share them with my brother and sisters who are also getting Smart Soap machines as gifts.  I won't be rebuying these fragrances.  Which is a bit disappointing as I love Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and hoped it was nice.

Currently, I am using the Kitchen Lemon refill in my Smart Soap machine and I really like it and I hope the holiday scents coming for this machine are better than these fall scents.

The next items are the new bottled Hand soaps in the Deep Cleansing formula.

*We Love Fall Collection Hand Soaps*

❥cozy vanilla cream

The homemade goodness of whipped frosting, sweet cream and vanilla bean

Your typical vanilla bean, creamy, yummy scent.  I really like this one.

❥crisp morning air

The outdoor freshness of mountain pine, white juniper and a hint of pear.

It wasn't online the day I ordered these but I have smelled it in the store and it reminds me of Montana mountain air from last year.... and smells nice and I will get it in the store.

❥sweet cinnamon pumpkin

The irresistible treat of warm pumpkin, cinnamon stick and brown sugar

Same as it always is...maybe a hair lighter in scent from years past...I will have to check the cabinet of my stock for comparison,  but it is SCP through and through.

❥a walk in the woods

A crisp walk through golden leaves, red rosewood and cool bergamot.

I wasn't sure I would like this fragrance and it turned out I love it. I will buy more of this.

❥golden autumn citrus

Autumn sunlight kissed with sparkling citrus. verbena leaves and juicy nectarine.

Definitely citrus is the first note.... tart, then sweet fruity.  Perfect for a kitchen.
❥weekend apple picking

A blend of juicy, red apples, maple-kissed air, warm woods

I found this a bit more floral than apples.

❥fall cranberry harvest

Tart cranberry, mulberry citrus, crisp orchard air.

A lighter cranberry scent but definitely one we are familiar with. Very nice.


The next group of hand soaps are:

*Artisan Market Simple Fresh Good Hand Soap*

Deep Cleansing:

•Brown Sugar and Carrots
A gourmet treat of glazed carrots warmly scented with vanilla and cinnamon
Definitely a bakery note fragrance with hints of cinnamon, reminded me of a carrot cake.  A definite re-purchase.

•Sweet Plum and Verbena
A sweet medley of Mirabelle plum, watery verbena and fig leaf
Eh...typical scent to me, and not a re-purchase.

•Gingered Peach
A juicy indulgence of ripe peach, persimmon and a pinch of ginger spice
Deliciously different than all of the other peach scents around and one worth trying.

•Pear Wood Cider
A robust fall refreshment of Bartlett pear, golden apricot cider and oak brandy
I smell the apricots and the warmth of a wood.  Its nice...and different.

•Honeyed Nectarines
Nectarines, lemon zest and honey celebrate the golden sweetness of fall
I try not to look at the notes in the bottles before I smell each and my first thought when I smelled this was: lemon is in this?  But not strong lemon...its the last note after the sweet warmth of honeyed nectarines.  Very nice scent.

I did purchase the matching hand sanitizers where available in all of the soaps and my favorite of the sanitizers was the brown sugared carrots.....sooo yummy....for an alcohol based item.

Artisan Signature Fragrances are next:
❥Peach & Honey Almond
An irresistible blend of summer peaches, mimosa flowers and honeyed almonds, wrapped in creamy vanilla and clementine.

❥Lemon Pomegranate Cream
A light as air blend of lemon crème, red pomegranates and iced raspberries, topped with white woods and peony petals.

❥Apple Blossom & Lavender
A hand picked bouquet of apple blossoms, fresh cut lavender and jasmine petals dotted with passion fruit and sparkling quince.
The packaging on the new Artisan line is creatively eye catching. You see it first from a distance and want a closer look.  Both the full sized products as well as the travel sizes.  More so the travel I think because of the amount of detail used on a smaller area to work with...then add in the black caps and you have the full effect of the market look and something uniquely different for the minis.

Definitely a perfect line for gifting...

My store was offering the travel sized products on sale: 3 for $10.00 and the online site had a three pack of lotions for $6.00.   With the current coupon out you can grab three travel sized products and get a full sized signature Body lotion, shower gel, or triple moisture cream for free. Don't forget your coupons!!!   And this floor set bounce back is worth ten off of a thirty dollar purchase.

The scents themselves area all lovely in their own right { and to me two smell a bit familiar } but I would have to say my favorite is the Lemon Pomegranate Cream.

This Lemon is like a cream-cicle lemon...fresh and fruity with a perfect blending of sugary cream to not make it smell fake but rather rich.  No one wants to smell like a can of furniture polish and sometimes citrus {lemon} scents tend to smell that way as body care.  Definitely not here. This is a stock up fragrance.

The Apple Lavender is a nice fruity floral that melts into your skin and is not overpowering as a fragrance.... It does remind me of something else we have had before...and is definitely worth a try.

And the Peach Honey Almond smells more honey and almond with a hint of peach to me than some strong fruity smell. Which is perfect for everyday.

This line is currently offering a milled Shea butter bar soap and they were also on a sale price of $5.00.  The regular price was $7.50.  The bar soap on sale was excluded from the current sale of buy 3 get 3 free pricing.

I bought two bars to try it, the peach and the lemon and tried the lemon first.  The bar texture is that of a hard soap and the  scent when using it is very light with a bit of a creamy feel and some bubbles but nothing like a shower gel would make.
 My skin was soft afterward and I didn't feel a layer of residue from the bar of soap which was something I was concerned about.

For myself, I prefer a stronger scent that a shower gel offers and the mass amount of bubbles I get. For the price, I would pick a shower gel....but esthetically you cannot go wrong with that packaging of the bar soap.

The line is available in these forms:
•Fine Fragrance Mist
•Shea and Vitamin E Shower Gel
•Shea and Vitamin E Body Lotion
•Body Scrub
•Triple Moisture Body Cream
•Shea Butter Milled Soap
•Travel Sizes

And I would recommend trying any and all.


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