Friday, August 1, 2014

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August 1, 2014
I received my online order placed on July 29th from Ulta yesterday and I wanted to share what I purchased and my thoughts on the items.

Just in time for fall, Ulta has come out with a few

Fairy Tale Themed Shower Smoothies and Body Care Products 
Just look at those fun names! 
Once upon a time...Ginger Cookie Collection
Fairest of them all...Apple Cobbler Collection
Clock struck midnight...Pumpkin Latte Collection
Currently they are priced at $12.00 each and they are on a Buy one item and get another free.  And when you use code: 204252 you can save an additional $3.50...{which helps pay a bit towards shipping if your not spending $50.00}
As soon as I saw those, I remembered I had a $15.00 gift card from Ulta so that, combined with my $3.50 savings and buy one get one free...I was able to get a ginger cookie scrub and smoothie...a pumpkin latte smoothie....and an apple smoothie....all for $13.04 out of pocket.

So here is my thoughts on each of these.


Ginger Cookie:  as soon as you open it and sniff, you get this genuine smell of gingerbread....then its warmed down with a sweetness of a sugary vanilla cookie.  Which is exactly what I had hoped it would smell like.  I have tried other brands of Ginger cookies and Ginger bread body washes and a lot of them had so much a sharpness of the ginger it was overwhelming in the shower.  I wanted sweet and this is definitely a winner.  This three in one is a shower gel, shampoo and a bubble bath.  I used it as a shower gel and found it creamy and bubbly and very pleasant.  I will enjoy this, and use it up as well as gift it but I won't stock up on it.

The sugar scrub is also lightly scented and gives a nice exfoliation and makes a good companion to the 3-in-1.

Pumpkin Latte:  as soon as you open this up and sniff it, you get a bit of a spice note....and then a warm foodie richness that isn't so much all pumpkin as it is a bakery scent.  I almost wrote flavor...because that is what it reminds me of.  This was a bit stronger scented in the shower and very pleasant.  Again, I would gift this and I will be enjoying this in the shower but it's not one I would stock up on.

Apple Cobbler:  apple is the first note and its a sharp tart cinnamon coated cut me a piece of that baked goodness kind of scent.  Not so much a baked goods crumb smell notes...all you get is spice apples, but its fresh enough that makes it all you need...and this is my favorite of the three.  But also not stock up worthy.

I think these are Perfect as a gift...all three scents in a gift basket  ...maybe add in a donut house gift card, and some baked goodies to go along with the theme...I know a few people who would love to receive these.
 I mean who doesn't love a good Fairy Tale?

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