Monday, August 25, 2014

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August 25, 2014
Today a great deal of the new Fall Collection became available online for sale and if it wasn't for the fact I heard that a store I was in was doing a floorset last night I would have been like most people today and would have placed an order.
But first thing today I was up and out and walking through autumn colored decorated doors.....
Yes, I know some of the pictures are blurry...hard to carry a full bag and juggle things for perfection...this is just to show you a quick peek at all of the cuteness to build the excitement!
I will post my purchase up close pictures next.
A Frame of NEW Autumn Harvest Signatures:
left side:
Right side:

Table of NEW Autumn Harvest Signatures:
Wall of Candles:
New We Love Fall Masons are so colorful with a cute label on lid:
White Barn Autumn Nights table:
Small Autumn Nights room spray, there is also a large can
Yesterday during the 2/$22 sale these two scents were pulled and then set last night.  Not fun since they are the two I wanted but I heard there is a sale coming up for Labor Day so maybe I can purchase them then.

Then we see the Halloween Spooktacular Boo-tique Rounder table.  A lot of the new items were not available yet but there are some really nice things.  NOT AVAILABLE:
The Miniature Luminary
Potion hand soap
Mini Ceramic Pumpkins filled with wax
Black Cat on a Pumpkin Hand Soap Dispenser

Look at this cutie.... Priced at $18.50 you get an LED owl BAT Pocketbac and two full sized Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Signature Products.

And end cap of Pumpkin:
This is a ceramic jar with a lid filled with Pumpkin pecan Waffles Wax and Priced at $25.00
Of course the Pumpkin Hand Soaps Round Table with some gift sets:
I know they are blurry...ha ha.... some pocketbacs... all were not yet in
Two hand soaps and a mason jar candle gift set with a recipe card:
A nice assortment of Pumpkin Priced at $39.50 and there is a candle coupon on the bottom:
Some of the new mens....very nice

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