Monday, September 29, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Holiday Wishes

September 28, 2014
Here are some things we should expect to see for Holiday 2014:

teacup pup
girl penguin
boy penguin

Mouse wearing a tutu
red fox
snowman holding something

$7.50 LED on clip
party pup
cell phone
raccoon in a striped scarf
fishing otter
polar bear
ornament c7 bulbs

$7.50 hard plastic case PB


Shower sponges:

polar bear
So cute and adorable...these little heads sticking out of the nylon...too cute to use

Sponge Hooks:

red fox
polar bear

(I thought they were scent portables as they are round with a character in the center)

Rubber Kiss Lock change purses:

polar bear

2 paint buckets:

1 is Traditions (had the vanilla bean noel polar bear on lid)
1 is a favorite things bucket for super Saturday

There is a traditions 3 layered 3 wick white and green color wax and I am trying to remember but I thought it was twisted peppermint, winter candy apple and vanilla bean noel.

The VIP tote: A Thousand Wishes
FFM, 3 wick candle- 'tis the season, body lotion, mini forever red, hand soap,  bag was blak in color with possible thin lines or stripes...a sparkle vip

Candle with pedestal:  Red label with a polar bear on it. Sitting on a white pedestal. Probably for Black Friday.

I remembered there are some cosmetic bags with sayings printed on them, and

 Hand Soaps:
Gingerbread (was in a carrier could be with lotion or two soaps
 Peace Love and Joy fragrance set
I don't know the scent notes...but I am guessing it's something we have had before all done up in pretty pink and blue and green packaging with big bold letters.
pink reindeer
polar bear
Eye mask cover
 Polar bear
Polar bear- flat ballet style
Stuffed Animals:
Big polar bear stuffed critter- $150.00
 smaller sized stuffed polar bears more reasonably priced.
Large Soft Blanket
 Mug with spoon (test stores maybe)
flat gift wrap
beautiful gift bags
 nylon tote bags
 that fold up into a snowman...rather than just the square.
 Ceramic Hand Soap Bottles:
A Snowman and Made with Love (mason jar style) $12.50

FFM bottle sleeves 

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