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Bat & Body Works | A Thousand Wishes - Holiday Traditions - Wild Madagasacar Vanilla - White Barn Seasonal | Photos

September 18, 2014
It's been a crazy busy day with tons of new information in the form of photos so I wanted to compile a blog with everything new....and then I will make separate blogs for archive reference.
New *Signature Home Fragrance
Wild Madagascar Vanilla
pear blossom, mandarin nectar, Madagascar Vanilla

New* Wild Madagascar Vanilla Signature Fragrance
September 29, 2014
"A fragrance like no other. 

Pairing exclusive Madagascar Vanilla with enticing ingredients is what makes it so unique.  Each note gives new life to our exclusive ingredient making each and every facet addictive."
Fragrance Notes:
Exclusive Madagascar Vanilla; the worlds most desired vanilla
Effervescent African Pear; makes the vanilla come alive
Luminous Wild Jasmine;  makes the vanilla modern and fluid
Sheer White Sandalwood; adds a cloud like and fluffy texture
Available in these forms:
Shea and Vitamin E Shower Gel
3 oz. Shower Gel
Golden Sugar Body Polish
Shea and Vitamin E Body Lotion
Triple Moisture Body Cream
3 oz. Body Lotion
Vanilla Bean Body Souffle
Golden Glow Whipped Body Butter
Fine Fragrance Mist
Eau De Parfum
Sheer Perfume Mist
Mini EDP
Home Fragrance and Hand Soap
14.5 oz. 3 wick Candle
Luxury Hand Soap
Lip Care:
Golden Glow Lip Butter



NEW* Home Fragrance Candles
White Barn Core
 3 wick and Mini Candles

Eucalyptus Mint
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Lavendar Vanilla
Mahogany Teakwood
White Barn Seasonal
Bergamot Woods
Cinnamon Clove Buds
Cranberry Woods
Fresh Balsam
Renew and Refresh
Sandalwood Citrus
Thanksgiving Feast
tart cranberry, holly berry, touch of cinnamon
Thanksgiving Harvest
harvest pumpkin, spice clove, vanilla cream
Thanksgiving Morning
pumpkin waffle batter, powdered sugar, pure maple syrup



Ceramic Turkey Candle Holder- Large 3 wick size: $44.50
Small mini candle size: $14.50

Mini Metal Turkey for mini candles: $4.50
New Wallflowers:



 Aromatherapy Home Fragrance
Eucalyptus Spearmint
NEW* Home Fragrance Candles
 Colored Glass with full decoration around the jar
Coming to all stores
Intrigue and Opulence
Baltic Black Pearl
pink peppercorn, vetiver, liquid amber
Cardamom and Suede
golden apple, cardamom, rich woods
Crimson Velvet
pomegranate, velvet orchid, blonde patchouli
Sapphire Sky
sugared citrus, granny smith apples, white cedarwood
Smoked Berries and Incense
vibrant cranberries, smoked cinnamon, incense
Sparkling Amber
sparkling amber, cashmere woods, Tonka bean
Topaz Waters
pristine waters, lily blossom, white woods
Golden Woods
black pepper, vetiver, pine needles


Soaps and Sanitizers

  New * Intrigue and Opulent Collection
 deep cleansing and gentle foaming

❥Malaysian Pomegranate
jeweled pomegranate, red currant, white raspberry
❥Morroccan Honey and Fig
sundrenched fig, golden honey, warm sandalwood
❥Sapphire Plum
rich plum, Marrakesh lemon, dark raspberry
❥Topaz Waters
calm blue waters, fresh moss, light musk

Sparkly Metal Sleeve: $8.50
New * Home Fragrance
Snow and Slopes Collection
Alpine Frost
frosted clementine, snow covered pine and fir balsam
fresh balsam
hot buttered rum
mahogany teakwood
marshmallow fireside
sparkling icicles
spiced apple toddy
tis the season
vanilla snowflake

*NEW Holiday Traditions Signature Fragrances Holiday 2014
November 3rd, 2014
❥Frosted Wonderland
❥Sugar Plum Dream
❥Twisted Peppermint
❥Vanilla Bean Noel
❥Winter Candy Apple
Available in these forms:
She an Vitamin E  Body Lotion
Fine Fragrance Mist
Shea and Vitamin E Shower Gel
Ultra Shea Body Cream
Travel Size

NEW* A Thousand Wishes Signature Holiday Fragrance
November 3rd, 2014
A festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies and almond crème.
Ultra Shea Body Cream
 Shea and Vitamin E Body Lotion
 Fine Fragrance Mist
Eau de Parfum
Shea and Vitamin E Shower Gel
 Shimmer Swirl Lotion
 Crystal Confetti Hair and Body Shimmer Mist

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