Monday, September 29, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Wild Madagascar Vanilla Purchases

September 29, 2014
I was able to visit two Bath and Body Works stores today to see the new items from last nights floor set for
Wild Madagascar Vanilla.
While some of the previous floor set tables and displays remained, the new was nicely integrated and the look welcoming.
I received two coupon books for a free travel item so I grabbed a lotion and shower gel for those.  I also had a few leaves coupons that began today for a free signature item up to a $12.50 value and I purchased the new preview for A Thousand Wishes (holiday 2014 signature coming) and the WMV tote bag (shown below) and got the WMV new Ultra Shea body cream with the first coupon.  Then I purchased the new lip butter for $8.00 and added those two (shown below) glittered holiday gift bags {$3.00 each} and got a full sized body lotion with the second coupon.
I have been anxious to try this new lip butter product and I am sooo glad I did. This is not sticky or greasy like their usual lip glosses.  It is light and creamy and immediately made my lips feel great.  I am hoping we see more lip butters in the future and I will be getting a few more on my next visit this weekend...if not sooner.
I like tote bags for various uses and this one was on sale on the WMV table display for $5.00.  Regularly priced $9.50.
It would make  great add on for a gift.  My store only had a few so if you wanted it, I would not hesitate.
The new Ultra Shea product did release and the store was now minus all Triple Moisture Creams until December SAS time.  I will try it later after my bath and will write a few thoughts down then.
There were a few new nail files out for this floor set and I try to have them on hand for gifts.  They make great add-ons to purchases when I am close to making the minimum needed for coupons and I am a sucker for a cute saying. ;)
Some of the new gift cosmetic bags are out and these do have product in them.  The sparkle was $20.00 and had Warm Vanilla Sugar items (travel sized) with a lip gloss...and I did open the pink glitter bag but I am at a loss as to what I saw inside of it.  There is also a brown glitter bag on the WMV table and it was soooo tempting.

There are many holiday sparkly gift sets scattered about so now is the time to grab those in the scent you like before they are sold out.

These are some of the new holiday socks I mentioned previously that were coming out...the newest is the red fox, white kitty (shortie sock) and polar bear.  There is a pink reindeer coming and I am getting those. The socks were priced at $8.50 each.

The gift bags were sparkling at the top of the shelf and in so many gorgeous colors I had a hard time choosing which I wanted on this visit.  I chose the pink first because I can place it on a shelf too with goodies in it...and the teal will go to my sister. Priced at $3.00 each.

Both stores I was in had the Intrigue and Opulence table set and the candles and extras looked beautiful.  Those 15.8 oz jars next to the 3 wick size looked jumbo and they have lids that just rest atop them, not like a mason jar that would screw shut.  The scents are lovely in all forms and I really am fond of my Smoked Berries and Incense and I will get one more of those should a sale happen soon.  Too bad they didn't put a hand soap out in that scent...
As part of the décor, the various heights of mercury glass pedestals were holding the candles and the SA and I were talking about them and my purchase of one last weekend.  I thought I got the thicker based pedestal and she said I got the taller one with the slender middle.  She stated she just brought the thicker bases out so I grabbed a thicker base...and it was the same height as I had....drats.  But I am keeping it as it will blend nicely with all of the others I have.
They are priced at $15.50 each...a bit pricey....but, I used the coupon from the holiday coupon book I got at the first store and got this Alpine Frost mason jar candle for free.
Mason jar candles are priced at $12.50 which is probably the only nice sized candle you can get for free with this coupon.  The coupons free item value is $13.00 with a $15.00 purchase.

The stores did put out the display of the new fragrance preview A Thousand Wishes fragrance and while I did try it yesterday in the store and I really wasn't ga ga over it...I did buy one to try it at another time or share it with my sister.
So that was my day at Bath and Body Works.  While I was shopping I was remembering more of the new holiday I saw so I will keep updating my previous article (holiday wishes)  to get a list of what we should be seeing over the next few weeks. Because this was not the full floor set that was originally thought to happen, over the next few Sundays we will see more Holiday things coming to the stores.  I know I will be there checking them out...because I do love me some
Polar Bears!




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