Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Holiday Traditions Candle label thoughts

September 2, 2014
Day two after the photos of some of the new holiday test candles released and I am still smiling big after seeing so many new collections pictures.  I am still taking them all in, as I wait to see other photos of candles more close up before really deciding on my opinions of all of the labels....But last night I was really checking out the new Holiday Traditions Candles and comparing them to years past.
A friend and I got to talking about the Holiday Traditions Signature Body Care collection for 2014 wondering what the packaging is going to look like after seeing these almost juvenile looking labels and we said we thought that these resembled last years Holiday Signature Body Care....
I posted the pictures of last years items below and you can see the Holiday Tradition candles really didn't match the theme of the Body Care..... Yet this years does. A bit.
I liked the signature labels on both the body care and home fragrances...and even though the colors all worked well together, the cute little winter girl wasn't carried through to the candle labels.
And now this makes me wonder even more what the Body Care for 2014 is going to look like.
What are Your thoughts?  Visit me  here  and let me know. 
Holiday Traditions 2013 Body Care
Holiday Traditions Candles 2013
Holiday Traditions 2012

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