Friday, September 26, 2014

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September 26, 2014
I wasn't sure that I would be getting to a mall today to check on the current sales and to look for new, but after a morning washing the car and taking care of a few chores a ride out on a beautiful day was the perfect choice.
This store I stopped at had the Thanksgiving table set up in the center of the store.  A larger ceramic pumpkin stood next to the black lanterns and was flanked on both sides with the smaller turkey ceramic mini candle holders and all of the colored glass White Barn Seasonal Candles filled every inch of the table.  I did get last years Turkey Ceramic large jar holder and it sits up the attic never used.  This years turkey has so much detail to it, it is definitely a great choice.
In the corner wall area there were a few of the snow and slopes candles out.  Not the entire line yet as they didn't get them all in. Oh and there was not a candle sale happening today. I used my $11.00 coupon.
I spotted the sparkly at the top of the shelf and found a few glittered snowflake candle sleeves.  Priced now at $10.50 each,  this is full of glitter and plastic beads sleeve and I did grab two for use on my pedestals.  I know that if I hesitate on these kinds of accessories when I see them, I will never find them there later. These were on the Slopes candles and when I pulled them out I see the labels on this collection has lots of sparkle here and there.
Also on the candle shelves is the Peacock Candle sleeve I mentioned previously. Very pretty! Oh, there were no Intrigue and Opulence products out today.
I did ask about the new Pocketbac holders and new pocketbacs set to come out and the SA was helpful in getting me what I needed. They didn't have the Gingersnap or Cocoa Mint yet.
I placed an order this week online for that adorable teacup pup, the new glittery PB holders and the free candle. And it arrived today after a two day wait.  I couldn't wait to finish the car I had to open the box to see that cute holder only to find some random pink something instead. 
As soon as I saw it I remembered the article I wrote yesterday mentioning all of the new pocketbacs and holders to come and I remembered there was one called Festive Pup.  I called customer service immediately and the girl told me that she would replace the incorrect item.  I told her that while the picture online shows and adorable white dog and the name is teacup invoice was reflecting the Festive Pup name.  She said the warehouse has numerous numbers and names and I would get the correct item.  It was priced at $7.50 and that's a lot to lose on something I really didn't order.  So I went back to washing the car thinking about the item.
I worked in a warehouse for a long time and I understand the goings on of picking orders and what happens when things don't match.  That being said, I came back in and called Customer Service again and spoke with a really nice woman who said that the item does have three numbers attached to it and she guaranteed me the item will be right.
Okey dokey I thought...I am getting another pink dog.
I grabbed the little guy and his hat blinked.  Of course it did... FESTIVE PUP.
So I am in the store and I asked the girl about the others I knew of...penguins ....and she showed me where they were and got me a teacup pup.  And I looked at the tag....and it was $5.00. 
Big online problem.  They are showing an item that does not light up for a price that does and the names don't match.  I wrote my friend and told her what happened and she told me she ordered one too and she would let me know what she got in her order. 
Yep...Pink blinking pup..
Today I bought 5 more candles.  Those colored glass candles are so lovely and I was glad to finally see for myself some of the new Holiday Candles.  They came out in test stores September 3rd and other than photos that were shared with me I had no idea how pretty the labels are. I am looking forward to the rest of the Holiday candles, but these will keep me busy for some time.
I also took a few more close up photos of the new holiday traditions that I shared earlier and wanted to be sure to share these labels and how cute they really are.

Here is a pictures of the Free Gift with order that happened one day this week

And my Free items with the purchase of the two snowflake sleeves with coupon.
The stores haven't been handing out new bounce back coupons now for a few weeks because they were told not to disperse the new holiday coupons even though they ran out of the leaves coupons. We are to start getting those on Monday.
So that was a little about my day today...How was yours?

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