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Bath & Body Works | Holiday Candles 2013 and 2014

September 2, 2014
With the release of the new holiday test candles yesterday, and the rest in some "test" stores tomorrow, we got a first look at some of the names of candles to come this Holiday Season.
And while the collections list names now may not be all that we see releasing, it did spark some interest as to what has happened to our favorites from last season.
Here are some that we had then 2013:
Snowday Collection:
  1. Winter--
  2. Fresh Balsam--with the first big snowfall of the season comes the delightful scent of balsam and fir trees layered with notes of fresh eucalyptus.
  3. 'Tis the Season--Rich, red apples, green pine and a touch of golden cider combine to capture all the joy and activities of the holidays."
  4. Sparkling Icicles--"As sparkling as the ice at the local skating pond, this fragrance features a citrus bouquet, bergamot and a touch of holiday moss."
  5. Spiced Wreath--The spirit of the holidays is in the air with the fragrance of a cinnamon bark wreath, featuring accents of creamy vanilla and rich, red apples."
  6. Snow Day- a bright and joyful blend of spruce branches,  peppermint and sweet vanilla that captures the fun adventures of a snow filled day.
  7. Vanilla Snowflake--the delectable fragrance of creamy vanilla, winter mint and a touch of coconut evokes a dreamy, snowflake filled day
White Barn Holiday
  1. Apple Garland--"Celebrate the season with an abundant blend of apples, ripe cranberries and fresh balsam"
  2. Autumn Snow-- Experience the first unexpected snow of the season with a crisp blend of peppermint, evergreen and balsam..
  3. Fireside--An inviting reminder of warm embers in the fireplace - sweetened with notes of leather, sandalwood and rich amber."
  4. Frosted Cranberry-- inspired by ripe red cranberries, dusted with fresh snow in a blend of juicy peach, raspberry and vanilla.
  5. Good Natured Christmas--created to be shared with the ones you love, a good natures Christmas blends creamy white birch, smoked vanilla bean and a hint of musk. 
  6. Snowed In--Spend the day indoors, preparing for the perfect holiday with the uplifting fragrance of fresh juniper, sugared sap and sage!
  7. Vanilla Cedarwood-- a creamy vanilla blend that captures the beauty of a dusting of woodland snow- features cedarwood and amber notes.
  8. Vanilla Firewood--"A smooth blend of creamy roasted vanilla, smoky firewood and a hint of cedar that's the perfect match for any holiday evening".
  9. White Barn no 2 Chestnuts and Clove
  10. Winter
  11. Winter Fig--embrace the approaching winter with the fragrance of a fresh fig blended with black spruce and a hint of sugar.
  1. Champagne Toast-- pop, clink, and sparkle with an effervescent blend of champagne, juicy nectarine and black currant 
  2. Black Tie-- your perfect escort to any holiday party- green sage, sandalwood and Tonka bean.
  3. Party Dress-- an unforgettable blend of orchid petals, billowing light peony and soft jasmine that's fitting for any occasion
  4. Cranberry Pear Belini--bubbly and delicious, a bright blend of sparkling cranberries, sweet pear nectar and luschious black currant.  Cheers!
  5. Peach Belini-- a shimmering holiday twist on a classic blend of white peach, tart black currant and a splash of juicy orange.
  6. Hot Buttered Rum--"An indulgent blend of buttered rum, vanilla and a hint of smooth caramel that's perfect for your winter party
Holiday Traditions
  1.  Buttercream Mint--a melt in your mouth holiday treat inspired this blend of buttercream, mint and a touch of caramel.
  2. Cinnamon Frosting--"Top off holiday celebrations with the scrumptious scent of grated cinnamon and cloves, vanilla bean and whipped buttercream."
  3. Cinnamon Caramel Swirl-- the ultimate blend of creamy caramel, cinnamon and sweet vanilla creates the most delectable fragrance treat.
  4. Frosted Cupcake--
  5. Frosted Gingerbread--inspired by our favorite family recipe, a fragrant blend of gingerbread and creamy icing makes the perfect gift for your or someone you love.
  6. Merry Cookie-- a bowl of cookie dough made from the very finest ingredients was the inspiration for this simply magical holiday scent--pure vanilla, butter and sugar.
  7. Mint Chocolate--"Indulge in this minty and merry blend of cool peppermint, creamy milk and rich dark chocolate."
  8. Red Velvet  Cake-- this southern classic is perfect for the holidays ~ rich vanilla frosting and authentic red velvet cake. 
  9. Twisted Peppermint-- merry and bright peppermint celebrates the season with notes of vanilla and sugary musk in this cheer filled scent.
  10. Vanilla Bean Noel-- a holiday favorite ~ a creamy blend of vanilla bean, rich cocoa and sweet cream with a touch of caramel and brown sugar. 
  11. Winter Candy Apple--A cheerful, yuletide blend of candied apples and spiced orange zest, with a touch of winter musk!
* From what I have read the Snow Day line is now called Snow and Slopes. 
And these (X'd below) are part of it....as well as
Alpine Frost
Hot Buttered Rum
Mahogany Teakwood
Spiced Apple Toddy
Ski lodge
Snowday Collection:
x -fresh balsam
x-marshmallow fireside
x- sparkling icicles
spiced wreath
snow day
x- tis the season
x- vanilla snowflake
x- winter
* Is there a Collection to come to add some of these???
White Barn Holiday
apple garland
autumn snow
frosted cranberry-now in HT
good natured christmas
snowed in
vanilla cedar wood
vanilla firewood
wb # 2 chestnuts and clove
winter fig
*The Celebrations Line seems to be now called Mistletoe and Martinis and includes:
(X'd below) as well as:
Pink Peppermint Twist
x- champagne toast
x- black tie
party dress
x- cranberry pear belini
x- peach belini
hot buttered rum
 The Holiday Traditions  we have seen seems to be changed up a little bit by adding a new Bakery Collection that they know we LOVE and by putting some scents from Holiday Traditions in there and by keeping these regulars (X'd below) as well as adding:
Frosted Cranberry
Chestnuts Roasting
Holiday Traditions
buttercream mint
cinnamon frosting-now in wb bakery
x- cinnamon caramel swirl
frosted cupcake
merry cookie
mint chocolate
red velvet cake
x- twisted peppermint
x- vanilla bean noel
x- winter candy apple
*And the new White Barn bakery Collection--Made With Love will have:
snicker doodle
pumpkin gingerbread
butterscotch toffee
cinnamon frosting
cinnamon clove buds
So, will any of the other candle scents and/or names not yet shown from last year show up this year?  Who knows....All we can do is keep watching social media for photos of new....and I will keep looking for lists, like I always do.  :)
Peppermint Mocha ---Treat yourself to the fragrance of one of winter's sweetest pleasures-peppermint, vanilla cream and cocoa topped with marshmallow.
Toffee Crunch ---- A merry medley of crunchy toasty English toffee, salted pretzels and a decadent caramel drizzle combine to create a mouthwatering scent.
Cinnamon Frosting ----Top off holiday celebrations with the scrumptious scent of grated cinnamon and cloves, vanilla bean and whipped buttercream.
Merry Cookie --- A bowl full of cookie dough made from the very finest ingredients was the inspiration for this simply magical holiday scent-pure vanilla, butter and sugar.
Twisted Peppermint ----A merry blend of spearmint and mandarin, layered with iced peppermint, vanilla extract and sugar musk.
Frosted Gingerbread ---- A warm Spicy scent that conjures up the magical smells of a holiday kitchen-gingerbread, whipped vanilla frosting sprinkled with light brown sugar.
Winter Candy Apple---a cheerful yuletide blend of candied apples and spiced orange zest with a touch of winter musk.
Vanilla Bean Noel---Warm your heart on a cold winter's night with a delicious medley of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel, and rich comforting cream.
Sugar and Spice---Cinnamon, Nutmeg, allspice and sugared maple combine to make a fragrance that captures everything that's nice about the holidays.
Holiday ----- A fragrance that captures the warmth and spices of the holidays with a special blend of cinnamon and clove highlighted by sprightly bergamot.
Twinkling Night ----An inspired, shimmering fragrance to set the scene for the perfect holiday fete-luscious blackberry and sweet nectar layered with notes of dark woods and patchouli
Sparkling Icicles ---As sparkling and luminescent as icicles on a tree under a winter's moon, this fragrance combines moss, bergamot with the perfect finishing touch-a citrus bouquet.
Spiced Apple Toddy---Celebrate the stars on a clear winter's night with warm & toasty blend of apple brandy, spiced plum infused with mulled cider and tart cranberry
Merry Mistletoe----Celebrate under the sweet scent of blue spruce, frosted cranberry and a kiss of citrus.
Peach Bellinie---A classic Italian cocktail with a twist mixes bubbly white peach, tart blackcurrant, jasmine and a splash of juicy orange
Cranberry Pear Bellinie---Cheers the holidays with a bright blend of sparkling cranberry, sweet pear nectar and luscious blackcurrant.
Cashmere---Wrap up in the soft and comforting fragrance of warm ginger, sweet amber and creamy vanilla, as the first snow of the season falls gently to the ground.
Fireside---Fill your home with a cozy blend of cedarwood, leather and rich deep amber that warms you up like an evening by a crackling fire on a dark winter's night.
Winter Night---Sweeten up your home! Inspired by bright moonlight and a distant fire on a crisp, winter night, this lively fragrance unites fir tree, warm cypress and clove bud as they blend perfectly with cedar and a touch of incense
Sandalwood Vanilla---This romantic fusion of exotic sandalwood and luscious caramel with notes of fresh juniper and vanilla is a sweet way to heat things up during a winter chill.
Marshmallow Fireside---Celebrate the changing season with a warm blend of marshmallows, smoldering woods and creamy vanilla reminiscent of a cozy evening 'round the bonfire.
Cinnamon Clove Buds---This warm and spicy blend of classic cinnamon, simmering clove buds and exquisite vanilla is sure to bring back happy memories of beloved holiday traditions!
Cranberry Woods---This woodsy and fruity favorite combines fresh, tart cranberries, blackcurrant and warm cinnamon bark to create one delightful, spicy fragrance.
Hot Buttered Rum ---Cozy up with this richly indulgent treat on a frosty, winter's night-buttered rum, smooth caramel and just a hint of bourbon
Fresh Balsam---Like evergreen woods on a clear fall morning, our refreshing blend of crisp eucalyptus, fir needles and cedarwood musk notes is an invigorating and timeless treasure.
Thanksgiving---Give thanks and fill your home with a delicious blend of sweet potatoes, nutmeg, pecans, vanilla and melted butter that smells almost good enough to eat!
Snowed In ----Spend the day indoors, away from the cold wind, decorating for the perfect holiday with the inspiring fragrance of fresh juniper, sugared sap and sage.
WB #2 Chestnut and Cloves---A rich mixture of dark chestnut, crisp cedar and fresh cloves conjures up heartwarming memories of the coziest and happiest holidays
Vanilla Snowflake ----This delectable fragrance of creamy vanilla, winter mint and touch of coconut evokes a dreamy snowflake filled day.  
Twisted Peppermint----Merry Mint-mas! Candy canes go wild with bright and merry notes of vanilla and sugary musk in this cheer-filled holiday fave.
Evergreen---Enjoy a magical blend of crisp fir balsam infused with sparkling mint and white pine, inspired by walking on fresh snow through crisp woods to find the perfect Christmas tree!
Frosted Cranberry---Fill your home with holiday magic with this sparkling blend of white cranberry, juicy peach and raspberry, infused with pure joy!
Winter---Sweeten up your home! Invite the wintry essence of glittering icicles and sparkling snowflakes indoors with notes of pine needles, fir balsam and winter woods.
'Tis The Season----Tis the season for fragrance! Fill your home with iconic fragrances of the season as golden apples, deep green pine and a touch of ground cinnamon blend to create a timeless and heartwarming scent

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