Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bath & Body Works | We Love Faul - Haul Part Deux

September 4, 2014
I really didn't need anything more from the new We Love Fall floor-set but I did do a phone order to get the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Body Wash and the 3 wick candle while they were on sale for $10.oo and I added in the Black Cat Soap Dispenser so I stopped in to pick them up and, know how that is.
This store looked even prettier than the store I was in for the early floor-set.  And I found myself seeing other things that store didn't have...and of course...they jumped into my bag. 
Here is the first order....the trouble with this is the sales associate picked it out and she missed seeing the flaws in the soap dispenser.
The glaze has some misses on his little face...
And on the pumpkin.  Probably dusty when the glaze went on it and it didn't stick.

The next find was two of the new pumpkins in cream.  Priced at $12.50 each I wanted them for my dining table.

And while looking to see what I would get with those I stumbled on those cute holders.  The first one I grabbed had Pumpkin Spice on it...and the second Pumpkin Café.  Not sure which I liked better I bought both.  I bought one with the coupon for a free signature item, and added the other with the two pumpkins to use a survey.

Funny thing was I didn't look at them close enough in the store to see....they are not two different....but yes, you know it... different sayings on both sides.
No big deal, it is really cute and it can be used to hold soaps and lotions, napkins or salt and pepper it's not going to be a wasted sale.  Plus, they are pretty enough to fill with Fall Goodies for a gift!


And the last grouping of goodies...I got a few more travel sized scents, a full sized FFM and more of that yummy scented Pumpkin Spice Latte hand cream and a candle.

 I did call a few stores today and found out that four more holiday scents have arrived....Alpine Frost, Snow and Slopes, Jolly Holiday Christmas and Winter Apple Crisp.
So I did update my featured article and my Face Book Album.  If any more new names show up I will add them as well.
My list of favorites from just seeing the pictures keeps growing...
and most are on the  
Made with Love Collection

What are yOuRs?

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