Sunday, September 28, 2014

Holiday Wishes...all One Thousand of them.

September 28, 2014
Every time my husband mentions he wants to retire I smile and tell him holiday is coming at Bath and Body Works...and he laughs.  Heaven knows I certainly don't need another bubble bath or lotion bottle but he knows this is my favorite distraction and lets me have it.  And knowing all I know now about Holiday 2014... wow.  I love it all...and I don't even know it all, yet.
There is so much I know of --I am going to forget it all because I am excited....and probably throughout the night more will come to me and I will have to add on to this writing.
Granted, I don't know everything. 
No info on the Luminary if there will be one...  That was the first thing I asked too.
 I don't know about all of the hand soaps, yet....but I know there is a gingerbread hand soap...and it may be with a lotion or just the two a gift carrier.  So I was glad to know there is something gingy coming.
Tons of adorable gifts....Oh Oh... Peace Love and Joy fragrance set!!!! I don't know the scent notes...but I am guessing it's something we have had before all done up in pretty pink and blue and green packaging with big bold letters.
I don't know about all of the pocketbacs or pocketbac holders....wait...I think I do....I will come back to that.
Scentportables...Oh gosh they are all so cute....I need to take notes...
Shower sponges:  reindeer, fox...and hmmm...polar bear? So cute and adorable...these little heads sticking out of the nylon...too cute to use
There are shower hook holders too that match.  Bright pink reindeers....omg so cute the reindeers are pink on a lot of things. Lots of accessories for us girly girls.
Sockies:  pink reindeer, polar bear, fox, lambie, and more.  Some are going to be coming out in the next few weeks and some people have been posting pics of their sickies they already bought....but I think the pink reindeers are my favorites so far.
Eye mask cover- Polar bear....see a theme here?'s a Polar Bear Pal-ooz-a... last year I bought the Lambie eye cover...for a gift....its still up the attic because it was too cute to give and they only had two in my store.
Slippers?  Polar Bear...more of  flat style if I remember correctly.
Big polar bear stuffed critter- $150.00
and smaller sized stuffed polar bears more reasonably priced.
There will be a large soft cuddly blanket for sale...yay! Who doesn't love that.
I saw a coffee cup and spoon but not all stores will get that I bet.
There will be gift wrap paper...yep paper....and gift bags that are so pretty....they really picked some nice patterns.
There are those nylon tote bags that fold up into a snowman...rather than just the square.
There are (2) buckets filled with products for two different events.  The first bucket I really liked, and the second one was like a repeat of last years every day things in it....I can't wear mad about you and I am tired of seeing it and other regular stuff in those.  I still have two holiday buckets, brand new from the last two years..unopened. 
....and yes!!!!! there is a VIP in color possibly thin stripes... and its a Thousand Wishes kind of bag with full sized products including a FFM (I will get the exact everything in it soon like fragrances as I calm down) and lotion and I think a hand soap and a mini Forever Red and a Tis the Season full sized candle...and more.
And yes there is a special one day only candle...I am guessing for Black Friday ....and it's on a white pedestal and the label is bright red with I think a big polar bear on it. I can't remember the name of the
More to come...
A Snowman and Made with Love (mason jar style) Ceramic Hand Soap bottles $12.50

FFM bottle sleeves 

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