Monday, November 3, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Holiday Floorset Day | November 3rd Purchases

November 3, 2014
The new Holiday Floor set launched today and I was glad to get to see it.  And while I knew of a lot of the products I wanted detailed on my list and expected to see out for purchase now...some didn't get into the store yet.  So they will stay on my list and will be purchased next time.
There wasn't a 2 for $22 candle sales happening today...only the Fresh Balsam candle in many versions for $10.00.  I didn't get that, but I did get some of the new Made with Love Candles that I have wanted for TWO MONTHS now....and did so using my $11 candle sale coupon. 
I know, I know it's not as good a sale as the 2/$22 candle sale...but I plan on getting a few more when that does come around... I just wanted to have these for so long I was glad to be able to do this for myself.
Such cuteness on those mason jar lids in this line.

 The minis in this collection are cute but not worth the 3 for $12 price tag.
I am old enough to remember Dean Martin, the rat pack and that era and seeing these Martini's and Mistletoe things reminded me of that time.  I'm thinking it's the ice bucket like luminary that triggered that thought.  I was so distracted with everything else, I didn't take the time to sniff all of these.  Next visit.

A Thousand Wishes also launched today and these pretty little ribbons were on the table to be scented and taken with you.


My online order is set to be delivered tomorrow so I will post when that arrives but here is some of what I got.  Minus all of the hand soaps and a few other things already put away.

I am surprised that I like this scent in both the lotion and hand soap.  Try it in store for yourself rather than passing it up. 

A bit pricey at $5.00 each for a hand cream but it's holiday so I indulged and got free items with the two $10.00 purchases.

The new Frosted Wonderland Pocketbac was in stores today so check for it on the display.  As you can see I did buy a few...ahem (60) new holiday scents not counting what is coming tomorrow.

Adorable Packaging hitting the stores and not too many of each style so grab them while they are out.  All of the bags I got today were $2.00 each.  That polar bear bag is too sweet. And the pink glittered bag is super sparkly.

And the picture doesn't do this justice...perfect for that country décor theme too.


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