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Blog Sale

November 7, 2014
I have so
much I am going through to list here for sale, everything from body care and accessories to candles and home décor.

It does take a bit of time to get everything together, get a picture and post so check back often to see what else was added daily. Friends have been emailing me asking when the sale was going to start so I will post this now to get it started. If your looking for something in particular, please feel free to email me at the address below, I may have it.

 All shipping is to be paid by the buyer and I will let you know what your charges will be at the time of purchase.
Thank you so much for stopping by, it is much appreciated!

Don't forget to send me your zip code when you email me what you would like.  I need it to get the shipping charges.  :)
Sleep-night time tea 
AT body Lotion  $14.00 each (3 available)
AT BodyWash and Foam Bath $14.00 each (2 available)
Sleep- honey vanilla dream
AT body wash and foam bath (1) $14.00
AT body lotion (1) $14.00
Sleep- vanilla cinnamon
AT body Wash and foam Bath 10oz : (1) $14.00
True Blue Morocco sweet fig and argan body lotion 8oz ( glass bottle) (2 available) $10.00 each
white citrus body lotion $3.00
9.5oz white citrus super charged body scrub (4 available) $7.00 each
FFM Beautiful Day and White Citrus $5.00 each
Beautiful Day items:
shower gel $3.00
swirl gel lotion $5.00
body lotion $3.00
eau de toilette $18.00
9.5oz country chic super charged body scrub $7.00
Velvet Sugar 6 oz shimmer bomb (4 available) $7.00 each
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin9.5oz creamy body scrub (3 available $8.00 each
Paris Amour creamy body wash 8oz. (3 available) $5.00 each
Japanese Cherry Blossom Creamy body wash 8 oz. $5.00
Japanese cherry blossom golden sugar scrub $5.00
FFM Twilight Woods and Japanese Cherry Blossom $5.00 each
Twilight Woods:  $3.00 each
(2) shea shower gel
(2) shower gel
twilight woods bubble bath (2 available) $5.00 each
twilight woods triple moisture shower cream 8 oz $5.00
8oz Honey Body Scrubs (sealed tubes) $10.00 each
wild iris and honey
French lavender and honey
apricot and honey
pomegranate citrus supercharged body scrub 9.5oz $5.00
Fiji passionfruit  creamy body wash 8oz $3.00
aruba coconut glowing body scrub 8oz $3.00
FFM Endless Weekend $5.00
Endless Weekend diamond shimmer mist $5.00
FFM Pure Paradise $5.00
pure paradise shower gel $3.00
pure paradise 2 in 1 body scrub wash $5.00
Malibu heat 2 in 1 body scrub wash $5.00
summer vanillas body lotion and shower gels coconut $3.00
signature vanillas berry body lotion and shower gel $3.00
Mini Candle Holders-hug sleeves:
I purchased these to use as place setting holders and never used them so I am posting them for sale.
Reindeer -(10 available) $3.00 each
Snowman -(10 available) $3.00 each
light house- night light $10.00
silver anchor $6.50
sea horse $6.50
Jute Anchor $ 6.50
pear $6.50
bird $6.50
owl $6.50
green tree $6.50
white leaf $6.50
taupe leaf night light $8.00
fern $6.50
dragonfly $6.50
dogwood flower $6.50
hydrangea flower (2) $6.50 each
turq. flower $6.50
white flower $6.50
pink flower $6.50
the sweethearts
sweet peony dream shower gel $3.00
sexy dahlia rush shower gel $3.00
3oz fragrance mist sweet (reg. 14.50)  $5.00
3 oz fragrance mist sexy (reg $14.50)  $5.00
winter white cool $4.00
FFM sparkling blackberry woods $5.00
Sparkling Blackberry Woods shower gel  $3.00
Sparkling Blackberry Woods lotion $3.00
Be enchanted travel trio with lip gloss holiday sparkle set $10.00
FFM Be Enchanted, Pink Chiffon and Amber Blush $5.00 each
Be Enchanted shimmer mist (2 available) $4.00 each
1 shower gel $3.00
FFM Cherry Blossom $5.00
Mad about You diamond shimmer mist $5.00
Mad about You body lotion $4.00
Mad about You shower gel $4.00
wild citrus sunflower body lotion $3.00
wild citrus sunflower shower gel $3.00
wild peach poppies shower gel $3.00
citrus orchid chill shower gel $3.00
citrus orchid chill body lotion $3.00
white mango chill body lotion $3.00
white mango chill shower gel $3.00
coconut water chill shower gel $3.00
coconut water chill body lotion $3.00
the sweethearts
honey sweetheart shower gel $3.00
berry flirt shower gel $3.00
daisy dream girl shower gel $3.00
daisy dream girl FFM $5.00
paris in bloom body lotion $3.00
paris in bloom shimmer mist $5.00
carried away bubble bath $3.00
forever sunshine body lotion $3.00
Black Chamomile lotion 6.5oz  $5.00
Tangelo Woods body lotion 6.5oz (5 available) $6.00 each
tangelo woods 10 oz body wash/foam bath $5.00
eucalyptus tea body lotion and body wash/foam bath $5.00 each
eucalyptus tangerine and eucalyptus basil body lotion 6.5oz  $5.00 each
sensual hand soap jasmine vanilla 12 oz  $4.00
lavender chamomile hand soap (4) available $3.00 each
lavender chamomile body lotion (2 available) lavender chamomile body wash/foam bath (3available) $4.00 each
lavender vanilla body lotion and body wash/foam bath $4.00 each
warm milk and honey body lotion (5 available) $4.00 each
eucalyptus spearmint body wash/foam bath $4.00
 Victoria's Secret
secret crush peony and peach blossom body wash $5.00
wild scarlet juicy apply and lily fragrance mist $5.00
midnight exotics forbidden vanilla fragrance mist $5.00
midnight exotics deep berry fragrance mist $5.00
sugared lilac sugared florals fragrance mist $5.00
Dream of hydrating body lotions:
glamour-vanilla snow lily $5.00
forever-crystalizied ginger praline $5.00
kisses-pink champagne and apple $5.00
love-frosted pear and sugared woods $5.00
perfectly wild star fruit and radiant orchid fragrance mist $5.00
tempting love coconut fruit and creamy amber $5.00
ultimate flirt body lotion vanilla flower and sparking plum $5.00
passionate kisses cherry vanilla fragrance mist and hydrating body lotion $5.00 each
Holiday Tree Skirts:
Ty Pennington style tree skirt (sears) 48" $10.00
buttons in the back
country living vintage tree skirt 52"  $10.00
ties in the back
Holiday Time 48" tree skirt Moroccan $10.00
Country Living Tree Skirt homespun holiday 52"  $10.00
buttons in the back
Vera Bradley
'Safari Sunset Pattern double id wristlet and chain lanyard
$40.00 set
Heart Jewelry box From my heart Island Blooms $20.00
Lily Mini Bag Limes Up pattern $ 25.00
Phone Wristlet Camellia $25.00
Carry it all wristlet Summer Cottage Pattern $25.00
Carry it all wristlet doodle daisy pattern $25.00
All in one wristlet Peacock pattern $25.00
Forever Red Fine Fragrance Mist 8oz. $ 5.00 each
Forever Red Shimmer Mist 8oz. $6.00
Forever Red TMC $5.00
Forever Red Shower gel $5.00
Forever Red 10 oz. Body Lotion $5.00 each
FFM Cashmere Glow, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Oahu  $5.00 each
Lip Gloss:
sparkling plum liplicious $3.00
megawatt cherry berry $3.00
bigelow menthe lip shine holiday shortbread $3.00
forbidden apple (3) $3.00 each
crazy for candy corn $3.00
creepy candy roll $3.00
cookies and scream $3.00
bigeglow merry menthe gingerbread latte $3.00
bigelow merry menthe sparkling apple cider $3.00
spooky sweet and sour $3.00
strawberry boonilla $3.00
double delish strawberry lemonade $3.00
liplicious pink lemonade
liplicious berry bellini $3.00
liplicious watermelon sorbet $3.00
all I want is peppermint hugs $3.00
pink chiffon $3.00
honey sweetheart $4.00
daisy dream girl $4.00
bigelow: $3.00 each
mentha lip shine vanilla mint
mentha lip shine ginger mint
my favorite lip balm
Full Sized Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Ritual in a bag $20.00
Cashmere Glow travel trio in a gold sparkly gift bag with lip gloss $12.00
Paris travel trio with lip gloss in holiday sparkle bag $10.00
winter cranberry set: $15.00
gentle foaming hand soap
full size hand sanitizer
nourishing hand cream
snowflake glittered holder
I heart dogs socks, pocketbac holder with warm vanilla sugar refill and scent portable with refill included $15.00
I bought it because the dog pb holder was only in this set, but never used it.
Glitter Zipper Bag and lip gloss pouch-
Champagne glittered colored cosmetic bag: $8.00
Matching champagne lip gloss pouch-$6.00
Pink glitter colored cosmetic bag: $8.00
mini glitter zipper cosmetic bag 1- green $5.00
2- pink: $5.00 each
ceramic soap dispenser (no soap included) $12.00
gold stripe with pom poms $10.00
sweater look socks $10.00
Sweet Shop Kitchen Towel set-$10.00
Hair Bands $5.00
lambie eye mask $15.00
skate car freshener scentportable $5.00
mittens car freshener scentportable $5.00
Set of three pocketbac holder ornaments photo albums $15.00
(cute to hang on the tree)
light red colored ladybug with Caribbean escape refill $3.00
2 red ladybugs scentportables with summer orchard refill $5.00 each
(these ladybugs came on a gift set and were not sold separately)
blue bird scentportable with fresh linen refill $3.00
2 gold winged ladybugs visor clip no refill $2.00 each
multiple hearts visor clip no refill scentportable $2.00
dark pink scentportable elephant (no refill) $2.00
pink cupcake scentportable visor clip (no refill) $2.00
floral ladybug with drenched apple flower refill $3.00
orange crab clip and go scentportable with seaside escape refill $3.00
2 pink crab clip and go scentportable no refill $2.00 each
turtle sentportable clip and go with Caribbean escape refill $3.00
scent portable clip and go pink monkey with glasses (no refill) $2.50
scentportable clip (no refill, refill removed) $2.00
Blue Monkey
IPhone 4 / 4S phone case: $15.00
Blue Monkey (no tag) pocketbac holder $5.00
lilac monkey lip gloss holder $5.00
lilac monkey LED pocketbac $5.00
Blue Owls:
LED pocketbac holder $7.00
Kisslock Purse: $8.50
Nail Clippers: $5.00
File: $1.00
Pink Owls:
top row:
owl w/light pink around eyes LED $7.00
owl with yellow around eye LED $7.00
side view owl LED $7.00
owl nail clipper $5.00
owl nail file $1.00
second row:
pink bow owl texture tummy LED $7.00
nail clipper pink bow owl $5.00
Kiss Lock purse $8.50
lip gloss holder $5.00

Turquoise Owls:
LED pocketbac holder $7.00
Lip Gloss Holders (3 available) $5.00 each
magnet pocketbac holder (2 available) $5.00 each
Mirror $4.00
Owl nail file (2 available) $2.00 each

Orange Fox:
fox nail files: $1.00
kiss lock purse: $8.50
pocketbac holder: $5.00
nail clippers: $5.00

Sock Monkey: $5.00
Pink Flower Monkey: $5.00

Grey Elephants:
red bow with presents LED: $8.00
pink bow: $5.00

Panda bears:
pocketbac holder: $5.00
hanging mirror (protective covers still on) 2 available- $5.00 each
lip gloss holder: (2 available) $5.00 each

Frog Prince:
Lip gloss holder $5.00
pocketbac holder: $5.00

pink lip gloss holder: $5.00
Teal nail clipper: $5.00

white dog: $5.00
Yellow dog: $5.00

lip gloss holder eye candy: $5.00

Cats- Kittens
purple cat green scarf with glasses: $5.00
pink cat no price tag pocketbac $2.00
pink cat clipper $5.00

purple cat with glasses pocketbac $5.00
pink cat with glasses pocketbac $5.00
grey cat lip gloss holder$5.00
bear with glasses $5.00
cat with glasses LED tree lights $7.00

purple cat with glasses lip gloss holder $5.00
black cat pink bow pocketbac $5.00
black cat nail clipper $5.00
nail files white tummy 1.00
nail files striped cats $1.00

ladybug pocketbac holder: $5.00

large flowers: yellow, purple and pink $5.00 each
red flower with bee telescoping pocketbac holder$7.00
summer beach house: $5.00
parrot LED pocketbac $7.00
hot air balloon LED $7.00
pink sparkle pocket pocketbac $5.00
pink crab holder $1.00
camera LED pocketbac holder $7.00
Hawaiian girl pocketbac $5.00
flip flop nail file $2.00
Hawaiian girl nail file $2.00
flip flop nail clipper $5.00
summer drink with umbrella lip gloss holder $5.00

turtle soap pump tops (old bottle style) $1.00 each
Pocket bac holder turtles $2.00 each

ear muff pocketbac: $5.00
pink earmuff and bow lip gloss holder $5.00
penguin earmuff nail clipper $5.00
nail files $2.00
red hat penguin pocketbac $5.00
snowglobe tummy penguin mirror $5.00
penguin old version soap topper $1.00

pocketbac holder $5.00
nail clipper $5.00

snowman hand soap sleeves old version deep cleansing and gentle foaming $2.00 each

snowman, snowflake and house candle sleeve 3 wick $2.50

3 wick candle sleeve present 2 pc, lid removes $5.00

2 brushed pewter color and 1 brushed gold color taller 3 wick sleeves $5.00 each

oak leaf taller candle sleeve 3 wick 5.00 brushed light copper color

bright gold brushed 3 wick candle sleeve $3.00

acorns and leave half sleeve hand soap holder $5.00

silver tulips 3 wick candle sleeve $3.00

2 small mini candle sleeves dragonfly $2.00 each
 large 3 wik candle sleeve snowmen with mittens $7.00 each
(these work well holding large and travel sized body care for gift giving)

brushed pewter color 3 wick candle sleeve owls-tree-pumpkin $5.00
matching NEW version hand soap sleeves brushed silver owl-tree-pumpkin $6.00 each.(one is dc and the other gf)

brused copper color 3 wick candle sleeves pierced leaves $4.00 each

NEW version hand soap sleeves brushed copper pumpkins $5.00 each (one is gf the other dc)

mini candle sleeve holder (candles not included) cut out leaves $4.00
 holds 3

mini candle holder (candles not included) leaves $4.00
holds 3

2 brushed brass color 4oz or mason jar candle holders sleeves $4.00 each
I bought them with the intention to put hand soap and lotion on my bathroom sink but never did it.

silver leaves 4oz candle sleeve holder $2.00

flower half sleeve soap holder brushed pewter color $4.00


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