Monday, November 17, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Holiday II Shopping trip

November 17, 2014
Holiday II floor set happened last night at Bath and Body Works stores and for some reason I expected my store to be transformed...yet it wasn't any different than the way it looked yesterday when I was there. 
Sure, there were a few new items tucked into the already existing tables and they looked festively perfect but I somehow expected it to look like the picture that was shown to us as a First Look.
That being said, my SA told me last nights floor set for Holiday II was split in two and the rest will be happening soon when more merchandise arrives.  This store did not have the swirl lotions nor the vanilla bean noel bubble bath.  Odd how some stores do and others are missing key things. But it did have the $3.00 Wallflower bulbs and the hand soaps still on sale.
Trust me, even with things missing... I did ALOT of damage with out it being a complete floor set. :)
At the top of my list of things to buy today was the stuffed polar bears.  I walked around and around and couldn't find them...seeing the larger one priced at $25.00 but not the smaller versions with different colored scarves that are priced at $10.00 each that hold the travel sized products.  I finally asked where they were and I was told that I was late getting there and they were all gone but one. 
I looked at my watch and saw the store just opened so I could only guess that there was some back room shopping happening on these little cuties and they all didn't arrive on the floor for sale since the floor was empty of customers.  I grabbed the one that was left and put him into my bag.
And then I grabbed the bigger one.  I did ask where the larger guy was, the life sized bear priced at $150.00 and was told he was in the back.  Some stores already had him out so I did get to see him, but with that 40% off coupon floating around social media this would be the time to grab him if wanted. 
My coupon was for 30% and I used that Saturday on getting my large snowman luminary. I used a lot of my other coupons that were expiring today and broke up the rest of Saturdays purchases since they would give me more for my money.
 Every year I grab the ceramic luminaries that come out and keep hoping for more Gingerbread Houses....Oh the fun that could be with a yearly limited edition house...even a small size..hint hint.
I did buy this years polar bear house....(last years holiday traditions luminary lacked appeal to me) and I did grab the large snowman luminary.  A bit pricey, at $64.50,  at least he is large.
My store had more of these soap dispensers so it was added to my pile of goodies as a freebie.  With so many pretty things snowman themed, there is no reason you cannot make a gift of the chilly guy for well under $20.00. I'll post some more on that idea in a bit.
Regarding accessories:
These are the pop up gift boxes I mentioned in a post about the floor set. The lid is attached and when you untie the bow, it slides up and opens so you can fill it.  Would be perfect for a three wick candle.  These are priced at $2.50 each.  I grabbed two because I am a marketing fool and thought they are cute to display as well as use. I added the large bear to this purchase and uses a $10/$30 coupon.
This bear bag is a smaller size but sooo cute.  There is glitter sparkles on it and priced at $3.50 and I will tuck it as part of my bear holiday display.
Then I grabbed a few rolls of the new gift wrap paper.  Priced at $3.00 per roll it is 28" wide by 2.5 yds.  I bought them to wrap empty boxes as part of the décor by my polar bears.
 But it would also be lovely used to wrap up BBW items too!

A sparkly fox bag.... $3.50
Cute little bags for setting on a shelf in a room or closet to add more "pretty".
Nylon totes.  $5.00 each and a little thinner quality as compared to previous years bags, I love these and they are a must have for me.
Yes, I know I just bought a lot more Pocketbacs.  Around 45 today. 

Be Merry ~ Be Bright Collection


The current collection in store....
Sweater like $3.50 each
Snowman $5.00
Holographic $7.50 (hard case)
Snowflake $5.00
LED Reindeer $7.50

LED C7 lights $7.50
Reindeer Scentportable $5.50
I didn't buy this but its cute $6.50  Penguins and on the Mistletoe and Martinis table.

Got these as freebies (2)....yes I had a lot of coupons...from doing a lot of shopping.
Heavy metal but dated wallflower great keepsake for those in a new home...newlyweds...and everyone else.... and BBW please...dated wallflowers yearly would be GREAT!
My $2.00 travel sizes purchases
My freebies
Bubble Bath $16.50
The soap that lights up and jingles as you pump soap.  Priced at $14.50 be sure to grab some extra soap while its on sale to refill this.  I predict there will not be a dirty hand in sight!
You have seen these posted on my previous blogs the large canister jars filled with wax... $25.00.  Those people who go a 40% off coupon....would make these $15.00.


Snowball got caught doing a selfie.... @snowball_thepolarbear
He was hoping for a "snow" day today but it only rained.
So that is some of what I got today, what did you find on your latest Holiday at Bath and Body Works shopping trip..  share your haul

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