Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Candle Collections | Shades of Summer

Currently Testing at Bath and Body Works - a few "Summer-time Feel"  Collections of Candles. 
Here is the breakdown of fragrances:

Shades of Summer Candle Collection
Beach Glow - Salted Oak Bonfire - wave washed oak, glowing embers, sea spray.

Cool Off - Watermelon Lemonade -

Great Outdoors - Fresh Balsam -

Ocean Therapy - Ocean Mist and Citrus -

Sail Away - Oceanside - 

Shades of Summer - Suntan -

Summer Boardwalk - Salted Caramel Popcorn - caramel glazed popcorn, water taffy apples, salty sweet cream.

Surf's Up - Coconut Bay - sea salted citrus, lush coconut, sunlit waves.

Sweet Sunset - Orange Creamsicle - bright tangerine, sunny yellow zest, creamy iced vanilla

Photo credit: @lilnitemakeup

 The Frosted Glass Beach Collection
Beach Sage and Mint - vibrant mint sprigs, coastal sage, crisp bergamot

Coastal Jasmine - soft jasmine blooms, lush dewdrops, sheer musk

Midnight Blue Citrus -

Mango Shores -

Turquoise Waters -

Salted Vanilla -

White Driftwood - sea soaked cedarwood, beachside neroli, refreshing bergamot

Seaside Mist - fresh mandarin, bright sea spray, coastal lavender

photo credit @duchessofwax

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