Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Website Rollout Today

One of the things consistent of my everyday morning routine is that I check out the Bath and Body Works website for new products that may have been added.  Today was no different except the site itself was. And I was not thrilled with the way it worked.
The site itself is beautiful, I am not saying that at all.  But for the tons of years that I have been searching it, I seemed to have found a rhythm in the way I did things on it and that was now broken.
Gone is the " New - High Pricing - Low Pricing Menu buttons " to get me the newest of things at my fingertips quickly.  Now, all searches are broken down by categories...which is great...but sadly we can't define those categories according to the newest of things first.
As I searched the Signature Body Care, I was forced to see all of the products the way they wanted to present it. Scrolling perfectly without the need to load another page every so often is a good thing.  My blog here does that as it was built on a Helix platform.  But what I look for as in the new...was scattered on the numerous pages of content.  A good concept perhaps if you want to offer up the old stuff that many may overlook but if I wanted to see the old, I would have typed in those names specifically. I don't want to waste time looking at things I already know about.
Also hard to find was the log in page on a mobile device.  It took some time to figure out it was under the " Let Us Help " on the Front page past the social media icons and the Sign Up for emails offering. I passed over it for some time before realizing I could click on it.
I was bored with trying to find anything new and gave up moved on to checking for my most recent order tracking and saw that all of my log in information was now being directed to be updated.  All of my personal info was also cleared out and when I place my next order, it too will need to be reentered.
It is often said that Change is a Good Thing.  I will let you soon as I find anything NEW.

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