Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Coco Shea Release | New Directions

I wanted to do a quick post of some thoughts after reading some of the comments that were made on Monday when the new Coco Shea collection released, and released with a 2/$20 price point.

It would seem, I was told, that when Camille McDonald retired back in January, the person now in charge...whom I believe is Ron Ford....started to implement a different vision for Bath and Body Works stores.

January began the first month we saw the bounce back coupons given out at the checkout disappear in almost all stores. {a few stores are still handing them out}.

It would seem that this new "vision" will be that of turning the store that we love into a more high end boutique feel kind of store.

One with products made with higher quality ingredients.

More Exclusive Fragrance choices.

And less of the same fragrances returning every season.

The candles and accessories are to become more "elevated" as well.

Coco Shea was the launch of the Brand New Bath and Body Works.

With Now more focus on elevated product performance.

And in hearing the March 12th Floor-set name that will release the Paradise Signature Body Care Collection -
" Best Beach Skin"
I think that is exactly what they are working on.... More of what the products can do for your skin.

So what does the ole die-hard Bath and Body Works fan with yearnings for products loved of yesteryear do with all of these new changes? Visit the store and be sure to try the new when it comes.  Like I mentioned in my Review posts earlier today...I almost didn't bother with the Coco Shea Collection.  And it wasn't the price point that bothered me actually. Sure, yes two for twenty dollars isn't cheap when you are thinking about lotions and shower products from the store we get super sales on our fragrances occasionally. Yes, we get spoiled. But if you try them and they are different and they do what they claim they should do and make a difference in your skins overall feel and look...maybe they are the thing you treat yourself with.

I appreciated the coupon that came out helping drop the price a few dollars so that I could try a few of the forms available. I ended up getting five products while trying almost all of the others in store. I tried to chose the products I don't always buy. 

Exactly what we will see in the future and how will it all work?  I don't know...I am not sure. 
But I am curious.
And tonight I smell like Coco Shea Honey because I was.

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