Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Candle Collection | Scroll Gate Label

I don't yet know too much about this upcoming candle collection, only that it will be coming out in a few weeks with Aprils new Paris floor set.
A friend shared with me that there was a new candle seen on Ebay today, unsure if it was a new test collection and after seeing it myself, I made some calls and found it is in the backroom of a few stores ready to set soon.  As I find out more names in this collection, as well as the collections name itself, I will update this post. For now I will call it:
Scroll Gate Candle Collection:
St. Tropez Shore - sea salted bergamot, sun lilies, cote D'Azur coconut
Champagne Toast - chateau champagne, wild berries, sweet orange
Endless Weekend
Cream Caramel - buttery caramel, powdered sugar, vanilla
White Jasmine - white jasmine bud, orange blossom, mimosa
{photo credit: @toby_rex} 

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