Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Top Signature Body Care Fragrances | New Packaging Testing

Beginning today in only a few markets, Bath and Body Works is testing out the sales of their top signature body care fragrances in the new bottle packaging we saw come out this past holiday season.
They are testing Magic in the Air, Warm Vanilla Sugar, A Thousand Wishes, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Hello Beautiful and Moonlight Path. Here is a peek at the Magic in the Air.
I think the reactions will be mixed on this test for a few reasons. 
The bottles do look pretty...I think so anyway and I would purchase them. 
The hard thing for most die-hard signature scent fans will be the ounces in the bottles and the pricing of each.  If this means less product for more money, people will not be happy. 
Add to that NO ONE loves a bottle change especially when you offer round bottle sleeves in so many patterns for what is out currently and are telling customers not to worry, they are still going to be usable, when they ask about the new squared sleeves showing up in stores.
And I am sure a few will complain the new bottle design will not store well with the current, more rounded style.
I am trying to remember when the last bottle(s) change happened and I think, { by looking at my records } it was after Holiday 2011 for the Fine Fragrance Mist.
I believe Holiday 2011 had the final Fragrance Mist Bottle and Pink Chiffon 2012 was the release of the new Fine Fragrance Mist round  bottle.
The Body Lotion and Shower Gel bottle design remained unchanged until October 2013 when we saw the New bottles release as shown on the Oct. 7, 2013 bounce back coupon.

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