Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Coco Shea Honey Ultra Conditioning Bath and Shower Jelly | Review

My review of Bath and Body Works newest release:
Coco Shea Honey Ultra Conditioning Bath and Shower Jelly
Container Size: 8 ounces
Retail Pricing: $16.50
Release Day Pricing February 27, 2017: 2/$20
Scent: Honey.  A softer, true honey scent version. After use, your skin is really soft and lightly scented.
Truth be told, I didn't go into my Bath and Body Works stores to buy any of the new Coco Shea Collection because I didn't think it was really something I needed, wanted or even wanted to try.  When I entered the mall from the side door I could immediately smell the Bath and Body Works store there and the scent was Watermelon Lemonade.  That, was a perfect companion to these new Cucumber, Coconut and Honey Scents and that drew me in for a closer look. 
There were three different fragrance choices but within each fragrance there were a few different product form choices and that made it interesting for me.
I rolled up my sleeves and made my way over to the honey table first.
I guess it was because they designed the Coco Shea Shower Jelly jar to look like a little jar of honey, I had to try that first. I popped off the top carefully not sure what to expect and there is a clear plastic sanitary sleeve and under it was what I can only say at first glance looked like honey scented/colored gelatin. And I say gelatin like because that is how it moved in the jar, as one unit of product and tiny little cubes when separated from it.
I grabbed a little white spatula and when I scooped it out it was smooth but still gelatin-like and I tried not to drop it as I made my way to the sink. A bit of water added to it and I knew I had something pretty interesting here.  The suds were smooth and felt good on my winter skin hands even without a shower scrubby. And the product rinsed clean off of my hands and they were super, super smooth and lightly scented afterward. 
For me it was a true scent of honey...natural but not strong and fake smelling.  I don't want to walk around smelling like a jar of food product and it was nothing like that.  More of a spa-like feel fragrance that slowly dissipates. 
Walking back to the table where there were only three or four bottles available I proceeded to toss one into my blue shopping bag to try it better at home.
What would have been great (but would have added to the price of course ) would have been a honey beehive kind of spoon accessory to get the product cleanly out of the jar. {I am all about the accessories of things} But a clean white plastic spoon worked perfectly for my test at home and will be how I get it out for a shower.
 And as you can see in the photos, the spoon pierced the product and slowly fell off of it like honey back into the jar. 
A bit of water added to the few drops of product on my hands and you can see the kind of suds it was making again, without a shower scrubby.  I can only imagine the bubbles with one.
After rinsing cleanly off, my hands feel so soft and lightly scented.

Would I recommend this?  Yes, I would say grab a jar (or two) and try it for yourself as a luxury type of product.  We have so many shower gels and body washes that have become part of our every day body care maintenance so breaking them up with a different kind of product every now and again is a well deserved break of the bath routine.

After using this, the Coco Shea Honey Seriously Soft Body Lotion was next on my list.

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