Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Candle Collection Testing | Animal Inspired

More new candles ( possible testing in some markets ) showed up on social media yesterday and thanks to @dennisobsessedcandles we got a sneak peek at what I can only guess is a Animal Inspired Candle Collection.
When I find out more about this collection, I will update this posting.
Animal Inspired Candle Collection:
Black Pepper and Amber -  warm black pepper, golden amber, rare tobacco flower
Coconut Palm and Lime - island coconut, tropical greens, and fresh lime zest.
Mango Dragon Fruit - island mango, pink dragon fruit, bright mandarin
Rainforest Gardenia -  island gardenia, fresh bamboo, sweet apple water
Waterfall Oasis - rushing water, bright pomelo zest, white woods
Wild Cedarwood - dark cedarwood, lush palm leaves, wild neroli petals

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