Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Paradise Collection Wall Early Releases

I did a quick visit to the store yesterday for a peek to smell the new Signature Fragrance At The Beach that is in the walls this week and will become part of the main floor-set on Sunday night. I'm sad that it is a fragrance I cannot wear as it didn't mesh well with my body chemistry. Yikes! It is a lovely scent and well worth the trip to try it yourself.
Not all stores had all of the collection products available yet as it seems this was a spontaneous change to set the walls on the fifth of March, but I did get a few photos of what they had.
Here is some new I found-
Destinations Hand Soap Collection:
{available in both deep cleansing and gentle foaming}
Bali Coconut Cove
Bermuda Plumeria Sunrise
Fiji White Sands
Maui Mango Mai Tai
Miami Mint Mojito
Jamaica Pineapple Colada

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